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My Bubba Cat Watching Birds on Youtube

This almost seems mean to put you through my cat voice near the end . I was told there was a youtube channel for cats . My ginger cat's intelligence wouldn't be insulted by videos . He is hooked he comes running to the laptop now wanting his birds. Though he chills out when we play the fish tank. It is so weird to be honest I've never seen him react like that .

What Does Style Mean to You ?

What is your personal style ?  ( yes you the one reading this post )

 I think over my 38 years on this earth my personal changes at different stages in my life. I've noticed a shift to the ultra feminine type of style. I am encroaching in on 40 now I want to be feminine ?  I'm an arty women who likes her band t-shirts, boyfriend jeans , converse sneakers the most. I've been wearing this look with a very floral feminine scarf. I even want to wear small flower hair clips?  I am baffled to no end on this one. Thought that I had a personal style set in action. There is no rhyme or reason I want to be feminine , floral and fierce. Its as if I don't know myself anymore ? Seems I've suppressed the girly side for so long its just blossoming in shades of pastels all over the place.

 Wait till you see my spring bags for Pop Chic Boutique there is a whole lot of flowers and pink. Pastels used to make me squirm now I am obsessed with mint green. I really shouldn't even w…

Seven Deadly Sins : #4 Blue the Color of Lust

Well yes this a steamy one for sure . It's desire in pleasures of the body . This isn't going to turn into a Jackie Collins novel my dears. I shall not discuss my lust think its a bit personal ( Wait for my memoir ) .  Lust can get you in to all sorts of situations. Humans sometimes cross the lines to get what they want. Lately I'm in lust of a pretty spring manicure. Yes that's a pleasure of the body that makes me happy these days.Did you know that each deadly sin has a color ?  They do so I complied a list of nail polish is the name inspired by lust or the color of lust. On a non related note a cow is the animal for lust. I will say no more on the animal association for we don't want to walk down that garden path.

Jin Soon-Blue Iris $18.00Essie - Butler Please $8.50Essie -Plump and Polished $8.50OPI - Kiss me at Midnight $8.50Deborah Lippmann -Blue Orchid $18.00

Pop Trash Beauty by Tracey J Whitney is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internationa…

Seven Deadly Sins #3 Gluttony Swedish Fish Martini's

This is like some kinda homework  a therapist would give you. So yes the deadly sin that I have had the most problem with . I have told you about my candy problem well this is along the lines of that." Glutton for Punishment " Yes I eat too much candy my blood sugar sky rockets I gain some weight most of all feel yucky. Though like a moth to a flame I get burned.

 When I was a 20 something I discovered an 80's themed bar with Swedish fish martinis to add insult to injury the best Mac n Cheese ever. I was obsessed I was calling my friends begging them to go with me every weekend. The 80's bar closed to my deep disappointment not my wallets or waistlines. I mean drinking candy themed martinis listening to 80's music talk about a den of iniquity my style. We won't mention my drunken philosophy of Duran Duran music meanings Id extol to anyone who would listen. Just writing about it makes me want to go back there. I kinda grew out of the bar scene thing  now drin…

Unicorn Upcycled Purse

The Resurgence of The Girl Band

The buzz I heard coming out of SXSW was resurgence of the girl band. I had a music geek episode of great happiness . Take a listen to two that really grabbed my ears instantly. Let me know what you think ?  I will post other gems this week . I couldn't wait to share these fabulous females with you. There is a guy band called the Temples that I'm obsessed with also. So much good music to me you can never have too much good music.

Honeyblood are the Glasgow-based two-piece of Shona McVicar on drums and Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale vocals / guitar. Despite their fledgling status and minimal set-up, the duo's song writing is fully formed, perfectly assured and far from spartan. With nothing extraneous, their music is driven through neatly filled and balanced instrumental structures and the sheer strength of Stina's vocal. The songs resonate with deep hooks and the kind of effortless charm that's been praised among recent releases from Best Coast, Haim and Fr…

Seven Deadly Sins #2 Pride Vanity vs Self Confidence

So we are going to talk about this one loving yourself or being vain. My mom always told me learn to take a compliment. so my Freshman year of college when I left the painfully awkward high school years behind. I decided if someone gave me a compliment I would deprecate myself . So one morning getting ready for class my roommate said you have such pretty curly hair. I said " Why thank you , I love it too "  She looked a little weird at me and we headed off to breakfast. I noticed she was a bit distanced that day so I asked her before we went to bed that night. What maybe Id done to piss her off . She said you just shocked me I thought you were so down to earth ?  You were so conceited this morning. I was taken back for I was trying to take a compliment. I laughed and told her how my mom said to try really hard to take a compliment so it took allot to say that. We both laughed then I thought should I hate my hair ? 

When is it okay to think your kinda cool. Are we supposed to …

Deadly Sins Posts #1 Envy ( Attack of the Green Eyed Monster )

If you have noticed these aren't in order we will cover all of the deadly sins. Why am I doing this ? I have blogger block thought giving myself 7 days of structure would help. I am working on a book review " It " by Alexa Chung had to read it again. If your not a fan of Chung you may not understand it fully though I am enjoying the book its an interesting look into a public persons life. I haven't forgotten will be out this week.

 Envy is all around us our society practically forces us to be envious. Honestly as a blogger to stay in the know I have to read allot of publications also follow allot of blogging superstars, designers, socialites, artists , musicians. So yes there are days when I do my normal review of the tweets and instagram posts that the green eyed monster does rear its head. I mean for instance the other day I had to dig change out of my couch cushions to get a tube of toothpaste. Then I was forced to read about young women prancing around London…

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I was talking to an old friend today. We got on the topic of guilty pleasures as in television shows , bands , and clothing. Yes the things that your friends and family tease you about. Some we even keep to ourselves would cringe if ever revealed. This week because I've got the affliction of blog block we are going to post about the seven deadly sins.  Starting with Ten Guilty Pleasures I have to say mine are boring. Im not very exciting maybe borderline lame by some standards. Tell me some of your guilty pleasures do we share some?

 1. Reality Television ( Is it really reality television anymore ? I think its scripted )  
The Only Way is Essex  My boyfriend is not a big TOWIE fan though I am. I say you can love your wrestling and I'll love TOWIE/ I have no idea how to explain it but I just love it . Last summer I discovered this living British soap opera on Hulu. Being out of work depressed needed some kind of life. Needing escapism from the stress so I found it in The Only …

Books with Breakfast (Find it in Everything by Drew Barrymore Book Review )

I got really ambitious reviewing three books. Im still reading and writing a review on Alex Chung's " It" which will be on the site Monday. The Preppy Handbook which I am having a whole lot of fun with will be on the site next week with a makeup look( I finally dusted off the makeup brushes).

 So let's talk about the book we are reviewing today Drew Barrymore's " Find it in Everything " I will warn you that you will see hearts everywhere after reading this book. This is a photography book which is a culmination of 10 years of photographs taken by Drew Barrymore. I don't have permission to share any of them with you. Though I will tell you everything from a bowl of soup to your cats litter will having you taking a moment to" Find it in Everything" . My cat has only made a perfect triangle in his box. Though while reading this book friends have told me that there cats have. I feel left out of the trend hope my cat comes through. ( I have go…

Sassy Spring How I Love Thee ( What I love about Spring )

Its been a long winter for all of us . I saw a gaggle of robins hanging outside my house yesterday. I actually cheered said welcome robins its been so long. This college girl giggled and agreed. What can I say geek is my name geeking out is my game. So shall we talk about spring how amazing it is. What I love love about spring.
Flowers in Your Hair 
I have been obsessed with flower wreaths worn in your hair. I noticed this trend springing up at music festivals years ago. I may be too old but I have been trying to think of excuses to rock out a daisy chain in my hair. So my birthday is in May going to wear it out with my friends. Its going to be my 39th so why not have some flower power. Im so over the tiara.

Peeps ( Easter Candy) 
I usually eat pretty clean and healthy some how I'm brought to my knees when easter candy arrives on the store shelves. My favorite is Peeps there colors , cuteness and artistic qualities seem to merge into an addiction for me. I make peep art as allot of …

Rio's Daughter

Breakfast and Books (What we are Reading)

I love to read though I go through phases where I can't be bothered. On the other side of the coin I go on a reading binge. I decided to make this weeks rotation pop culture orientated. I will post my thoughts on these three books on Friday. There are two new books and one classic 80's staple. If you have read any three of these books would like to be a part of this Fridays post be so kind as to leave your thoughts on your book of choice in the comments. Also if you have a suggestions for next weeks reading rotation leave them below in the comments. I can't wait to see what you think of the books.

Pop Trash Beauty Spring Fling - Spring Treats that won't break the bank

The winter blues still have you in its grips. Well take a look these fabulous treats to put the spring in your step. They are all 20.00 USD or under so they won't break the bank. I love the Cat Person Scarf by Mod Cloth its got that pastel hue that is so hot this spring. On the internet also in fashion let's face it cats are the meow of the catwalk ( yes I am abundantly how cheesy that was, yet I loved it )  . Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Spray has been a favorite of mine for years. Its a clean and sexy fragrance with notes of cherry blossom and peach. ELF Eyes Lips Face Lip Gloss Stick is non greasy gives lips a gloss without the tacky feeling . One hot spring trend is black and white stripes tangled with abstract floral, hearts , lips and standing on there own are a statement you don't want to miss. Payless has a Chelsea flat that is cute, flirty and fun. I think its a perfect way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. I am an over 30 women yet I do like …

Insomnia thinking of my Cat Shoes

made cat shoes earlier this week. I was lusting after the Charlotte Olympia shoes. So I took an old pair of slip ons and painted cats on them. People out and about asked me if I did it for a costume. My cats vet thought they were super cute . Some people ask me where I got them. I had a moment this week strutting around in my cat shoes. I was wearing a red pea coat , Ramones tee, boyfriend jeans cuffed ( for those of us old people who were alive in the 90's . You cuff them the same way we cuffed 90210 jeans. Which were the original boyfriend jeans )  I was also rocking my super cute cat shoes . The sun was shining in my hair my top secret purple highlights shinning. I felt happy chipper even . 

I always wanted to dress a certain way now I was felt authentic and fun. I've always dressed the way I fancied yet sometimes dialed it down. I didn't dial anything down it's weird were you have a moment your so proud of yourself . That you have reached a milestone don't know…

Lady Gaga Wears Coffee Filter Dress

I am a big fan of coffee, upcycling and Lady Gaga. So I was super excited to hear about her coffee filter dress. She told Jimmy Kimmel she wore the dress because " I am really fat right now" . I think she looks fabulous. She is taking in allot of the acts a SWSX . There has been a resurgence of the girl band music insiders are saying. I say its about time that we see an influx of girl bands again. Especially raw cool rocking ones. Im currently researching some of the most talked girl bands will be posting about that later this week.

Pop Trash Beauty Girls On Film

Pop Trash Beauty Girls On Film by tracey-j-whitney featuring Ethan Allen

I am currently reviewing Drew Barrymore's  new book. I have to say it has a lot of heart pun intended. I love Drew she is one of my favorite actresses in my generation. Pop Trash Beauty will take a look at more positive women in the industry. Those who use there fame to empower women instead of belittle them. Who use the spotlight for humanity truly embody paying it forward . I think there is so much beauty in humanity.

Pop Trash Beauty

Flapper Girl Look of the Day ( be warned there is sparkles)

Well yes my computer is back in the shop. So blogging on the iPod again . I think these gowns make me wanna get all cute and girly. I'm little more funky cat lady chic then girly. Though I've been getting a bit girly lately. Who knows when this comes out in a lady. There is kinda a debate that smart girls aren't girly ? I know allot of smart women who are girly indeed. What I think is wonderful about women of this era. Is we can change a flat tire while wearing a cute pair of heels. Talk about ecological issues then Parle the conversation into about a really great sale at our fave store. I think it's all balance to be honest . You can love all the frilly stuff still be smart. Feminist can be feminine suffragettes were known to wear red lipstick as a show rebellion. Men dictated women's fashion for a long time this is when the ladies said we are cutting our hair. Even wearing trousers at this time. It was steps in the directions of the freedoms we enjoy today. Havin…

Skincare of the 1920's Women ( Roaring 20s Week )

Well in researching this post I came across some really interesting tidbits in old articles. This comes from McCall's 1920 by Suzanne Sheldon via Old Magazine I don't recommend doing the eye wash unless you consult a physician. Even in the present day allot of this is true. Good dietary habits , physical activity and lots of water are indeed key to a good complexion. Though some this article will make you chuckle. Though I wonder if the chin bandage works. I believe Joan Crawford was a believer in the chin bandage of course no wire hanger for her. So take a look at this article tell me what you think. We will be talking a little bit about rebelling through fashion tomorrow.

1920s LOTD Suffragette Meeting

Roaring 20s

Celebrating the Roaring 20s on PTB

This week we decided to celebrate 1920's. We will get decked out and do the Charleston. We will look at the beauty regimes of the era. I want to look at body image of that time. Feminism was also starting to become more public. Women bobbed there hair and raised those hem lines.  Everyday we will look at the era. I think it will be interesting to learn some new things. Our looks of the day will be strictly 20's themed. I will have my laptop back . 

Tracey 's Favorite

Outfit of the Day " Saturday in the Park"

Random Life Post : Kiki Purse

My computer crashed today must be ushered off to the Computer hospital for a hard drive transplant. Thank heavens for memory sticks , Dropbox , clouds and all that jazz. I am assured that my laptop will be okay but my hard drive is done. It's sad but we must push on. I won't lie this couldn't come at a worse time for me. Computers are like cars they go at the worst possible time also require money you don't have. My livelihood depends on it . So to make money you got to spend it. I have been collecting change like a women on a mission. To avoid using my cards. Thank god for this iPod touch I'm writing to you on.  Never wrote a post with this gizmo I truly like it .  It feels kinda intimate like we meet for coffee. I am trying to get my head around the fact I have been covering fashion weeks. I am not exactly the luxury fashion consumer. I am more like the person that has one special bag and a couple pairs of "special shoes" . I do enjoy the artistry the ro…