Monday, October 20, 2014

Binge Watching the Gilmore Girls

I've been binge watching shows for years thanks to Hulu. It all started with the short lived critically acclaimed  " My So Called Life "  then the " X-Files " .

The strange thing with binge watching is this kinda weird binge watching guilt. Were there others out there binge watching television shows? 

Well the Gilmore Girls a popular dramedy that enjoyed a 7 season run. A single mother from a privileged background breaks free of her parents at age 16 with her new baby for a colorful eccentric Connecticut town called " Stars Hollow" her name is Loralie Gilmore and her daughter of the same name yet is called Rory find life there. As Rory grows up into a gifted teenager her mother brings her back into the world she fled 15 years prior. When she procures a loan for a private school Chilton that will help her daughter fast track to Harvard . The loan paid by the parents has one agreement that they attend Friday night dinners weekly at Emily and Richard Gilmores home. 

Most people know this about the show but some don't . I watched the show when it came out . Though after season 2 my life got busy being a women in my mid 20's at the time. So for the past month I watched all 7 seasons. Though midway through season 7 I had to stop the story line was going all wrong . Strange but through my Odessy of watching the show I was in a good mood . I somehow wanted to revisit old literary gems even Tolstoy. Going to Stars Hollow each night to me was a retreat from a stressful world . I knew my time there would end with the last season. Though if you get caught up make sure you brace yourself for the second part of season 7 . The original writers left the show and your can tell.  Put the Gilmore girls on your binge watching list. If I lived in Stars Hollow I'd run the beauty store and eat at Luke's Dinner everyday . 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

There is no age limit on Sequins ( shopping with mom )

I love my mom , we have a typical mother daughter relationship ( well as typical as any one could be ) though when we go shopping together. It gets interesting to say the least I've broken down these remarks into a top 5 
1. " Oh maybe a couple more months at the gym , and you might wear that" 
2. " I think it's ugly , so I know you'd like it " 
3. " That would look good on your cousin she is tall " 
4 ." Wear earrings with that it looks you , know a bit masculine " ( camo pants that are super cute ) 
5 . " it's a bit tight in the belly , maybe next year " 

So yes she believes this is helpful , though today she said to the shop girl " these sequin shoes would have looked good on my daughter 10 years ago. She is too old now " Say what ? I quickly said no you are never to old for sequins. She debated this with me . She said maybe the holidays but really. I told her that women in my generation dress funky even with babies on our hips. Bright colors and sparkle don't stop just cause your in the later 30's . I'm not going shopping for a fancy track suit yet. We really had a great discussion about her generation and mine . She told me when you got older you chopped off your hair got more conservative in your dress. She has always dressed well but she felt like I wasn't toning it down at the appropriate age.  I honestly don't think ill ever tone it down. So what do you think , about dressing for your age ? 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Buns on the Run (Random Life Post )

My laptop has for lack of a better word died. So while I save my pennies my computer will be this iPod Touch. The laptop will let me in for brief moments so I jump on it . It's been a great month so far new temp assignment with a great team. Also I will for the first time become a god parent. I found a coffee house that isn't pretentious with good coffee. 
I've been trying to be mindful of those around me and myself. Thanks to the gym and candy detox I'm getting back into my post smoking weight clothes. I've been listening to new genres of music. I've been wearing buns every freaking day . I need a haircut like yesterday so I'm having to rock the bun . Lets look at these buns . 
Slicked back Bun

Pop knot 
Wait hair didn't look like a shaggy dog so I let it go. Well I know Im at a crossroads in my life right now. Lots of change happening some painful. Though sometimes you got to just ride the tide. Ill be back with my dark lippy choices for fall . I said the post was random.