Friday, August 21, 2015

Peaches - 'Close Up' featuring Kim Gordon- Official Video #rubpeaches

The stunning video was directed by Vice Cooler inspired by Peaches love of Lucha Libre . If this video isn't the little slice of awesome already.  Kim Gordon front women of Sonic Youth , plays an vaping apathetic wrestling coach.  Check out the wrestling match training scene, truly hilarious as Peaches entices Gordon to train her by flashing some cold hard cash. I won't give away to much though I think this video will make your day. Also check out the links below for information on the album , gigs and merchandise

The song is from Rub  Peaches forthcoming album on  I U She Music via INgrooves. It's out September 25. ( via 

Via You Tube

Published on Aug 18, 2015

Directed by: Vice Cooler
Starring: Peaches, Kim Gordon, Laura James, Rita D'Albert, Joey Ryan, Dirty Sanchez, Cassandro, The Fallen Flower Kikyo, Sage Sin, Deven Macnair, Ariel Brickman, Mymy, Mary Joe, NY Knockout Nikki
Producer: Briana Gonzales
Executive Producers: Lucha VaVOOM & Peaches
Director Of Photography: Dalton Blanco
Camera Op: Brian Glenn
Gaffer: Zafer Ulkucu
Key Grip: Aaron Morganstein
2nd Grip: Marcus Moreno
Visual Effects: Tony Stockert, Aaron Novak
Lactation Prop: Brian High
Editor: Vice Cooler
Color: Bossi Baker
Styling: John Renaud
Make Up: Anthony Nguyen
Make Up Assistant: Vicky Garcia
Hair: Castillo
Hair Assistant: Indio Salas
DIT: Sam Farzin
PA: Mymy, Colin Knight, Ian Miyawaki
Wardrobe thanks: ACNE Studios, Rag Doll LA, Vestal, Discount Universe, CONVERSE

Monday, August 10, 2015

Duran Duran " Paper Gods " Taking listeners on a new musical journey, while maintaining the soul of there music

Duran Duran has a new album  "Paper Gods " on the Horizon
 ( September 11th in the United States) 

The two tracks I've heard so far " Pressure Off " and " Paper Gods " 
I find that they sound like Duran Duran . What really caught my ears is this intrinsic innovative tonality to these two tracks. I find that you see the soul of the artist. So even though the look , feel sound may change. You still feel that magic spark that is Duran Duran.  The band embracing there new romantic roots , though taking us on a new voyage. I look forward to the rest of the journey with Duran Duran in there 14th studio album " Paper Gods "  We will be doing a full ablbum review once the album is released on Tuesday, September 11, 2015 

 Keep up to date with Duran Duran on there website 

Outfit of the Day : Hounds Tooth Wrap Dress

I got this wrap dress at Savers for 7.99 . Wrap Dresses are forgiving should be in every ladies work wardrobe

Thursday, August 6, 2015

MucMuch Ado about a Man Bun ( a Lazy weekend past )

I lounged in my bed, contemplating getting up. Making my Saturday morning trip to the Canal District farmers market. Yet , sadly this wasn't going to happen. The enticement of a delicious chocolate chip cookie and iced almond milk latte from near by Birch tree Bakery. Nothing would budge me from my cocoon of blankets. 

What does one do at that moment , you write a Facebook post telling everyone. In this way I'd find validation for this lazy state of mind. ( Don't laugh you do it to )
 I found after my in depth social media research that this not wanting to do anything seemed to be a " thing " with everyone. 

We have had a very humid past week here in the northeastern United States, I think everyone was just exhausted with being hot. My friend went for a Mani & Pedicure , this inspired me to do the same. Id get out of the house . I even picked up trash bags also, so that counts as an adult chore. 

Id feel like I did something useful with myself. While my feet were soaking in the soapy water. I decided to read some beauty articles. I decided to read Man Repeller catch up on the young hip set . I'm no longer there demographic , it's really okay I still love them. 

 I've been experimenting with my hair all Summer. After the article " Women Take Back the Man Bun " Maybe it was the fumes in the nail salon . So I decided to embark on the man bun. The women in the salon shook there heads at me , when I talked about the man bun. Even though as they mention in the article "ARE WE TAKING BACK WHAT WE PERCEIVE TO BE RIGHTFULLY OURS OR JUST, YOU KNOW, WEARING OUR HAIR HALF UP?" (Via Man Repeller ) 

I think in my case they can have the men can have the "man bun " So at least to stepped out of my comfort zone. I also tried to dress French . 

Well that looked wrong on so many levels. As I though I'm American with a love of British culture. That's kinda how I'd describe my style . So there you have it a post about nothing extrodinary. A small step out of the comfort zone. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Style Inspiration on Instagram

This summer I've been trying to stay extremely disciplined. Using only the clothes I have in my closet. I've been going to street style sites to get ideas , on how to mix it up a bit. Even though I'm curvy I pull what I can use from these sites. Here are some of my favorite Instagram inspiration

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ode to Velvet Orchid 405 Lipstick ( Happy #NationalLipstickDay )

This is a love story of a girl who meets the right lipstick. You notice it across a crowed makeup counter. The name of this lipstick was Velvet Orchid . Though it pains me to admit it I only tried Velvet Orchid for the name. I thought it was a merging of Andy Warhol and Nick Rhodes two iconic men of inspiration ( did I just write that oh well its done) . My love affair with Velvet Orchid was to be sweet and brief for the Queen Estee Lauder banished it too the land of discontinued. Now to see my sweet love I must go to eBay to find the surviving tubes who evaded the exile.   I think of a quote from another man of inspiration William Shakespeare. In the play Romeo and Juliet  the pinnacle story of unrequited love when Juliet says "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."  .So there you have it my favorite lipstick Velvet Orchid  by Estee Lauder. Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.  I've posted some snaps of my happy times with Velvet Orchid. I got one tube in the freezer for a special occasion.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My review of 3 Frizz Fighting Products

My hair is resistant to product . It wants to be wild and crazy. This morning I used Three products on my hair , With towel dried and combed through hair. I applied Paul Mitchell - Curls Full Circle leave in treatment . I used a dime size amount of the product working it in scrunching my hair. I ate a bowl of Rice chex and almond milk. Got dressed feed the cat . My hair was practically dry . I added a pea size amount of Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine . I finished off my curls with John Frieda Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hair Spray. 

 Local weather is 76 degrees F and 70% humidity. I will check back in at lunch 12pm EDT .  This was 8:30 am EDT 
The curls did pretty good 

Local weather is 84 degrees F and 42% humidity. This was 12 EDT little bit of Fizz nothing to bad  I will check back in at 3pm EDT . 

This is at 4pm EDT . My final review the products performed well . Though a think if I bring the fizzease spray with me next time the fly aways would stay in place. I've got some more products to try . Also our braid post goes up this week