Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wicked Tired Random Life in Snow

Ive been working a lot of hours lately. I will have more time to bring you ,some very informative and fun posts.

This winter has taken its toll on me. Yes I live in New England so this is normal. Though the weather seems to be holding me hostage the past couple of weekends. Things like going to the gym and visiting a new hip healthy bakery. Has been on the back burner. 

I've been doing a lot of organizing my home. Working on the spring hand painted purses. I've also been trying to refine a makeup look for the women on the go. 

I bought a new winter coat , its been an adventure in market research. I've actually been asking women. Do you like your coat? Is it actually warm ? Well hands down The North Face Denali was given high praise. So I watched the sales like a hawk and purchased one. I saved a lot of money by doing my homework. my older winter coat was falling apart . I have been saving up for a winter coat. Its not a purchase I take flippantly. Though I will say in these artic tempatures. You need to wear a fleece shell underneath. If you purchase The North Face be sure to try them on or check the sizing chart. They run small especially If you're blessed in the chest or full in the hips like me. 
Bubba and I have been hanging out a lot this winter. I think if you live in a snowy climate, you have to keep your humor.

I shall return soon on my regular posting schedule. I've missed you all terribly . 

Exfoliating Tips for Men

Sunday, January 11, 2015

LumberSexual Men , There will be Beards

Usually we talk about guy liner here at PTB .
We have noticed men have gone , from metrosexual to lumber sexual . 
Photo via Instagram 

In my opinion this was born of Duck Dynasty's popularity in recent years. " The Walking Dead" also lets not forget "Sons of Anarchy "  Also the increasingly popularity of Alaskan Wilderness shows. making me remember, dear old Grizzly Adams. Was he a lumbersexual ? 

If you're going to be a Lumbersexual then you must invest in expensive flannels, jeans , suspenders and of course leather boots. Also your drink of choice is whiskey, beer and strong coffee. 

 Photo via Instagram 

There is a burgeoning range of products to make " Beard Enthusiast " look finely coiffed .
 One brand is called Zeus that caught my attention. They offer a large selection of lotions, scented beard oil, and boars bristle brushes.
 Just to name a few of the products this range offers. Everything comes in aesthetically pleasing , man friendly packaging. 
Photo via check out
I'm a Lumberjack and I'm ok ! 

Yes Simon Lebon was once again ahead of the trend on this one, for he was sporting Lumbersexual as early as 2012 I don't think the British crooner , will adopt the Lumbersexual's lifestyle?

What do you think of the Lumbersexual trend ?