Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review Alexa Chung - IT

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Alexa Chung's book "IT " is interesting to say the least. I enjoyed learning that 30 year old model , television presenter has some of the same insecurities a lot of women do . She even gives us a taste of the insider  vernacular. Terms such a 
"Frow" which refers to those in the coveted front row seats at fashion shows. The book also has a collection of doodles and pictures of Chung's famous friends. I had hoped for more content from Chung about life. I enjoyed the parts where she offered her commentary on her insecurities. I loved the book it was a lot of fun to read. I look forward to seeing more from the beautiful and intelligent Alexa Chung. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coachella in Your Living Room

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Not all of us can make it to the desert of music celebration this weekend. Every year I have a little Coachella in my living room. Mr. Kate  did an amazing  video which I have posted below that will give you the tools to as she says have a " Couchella "

The best place to live stream is on youtube check the show schedule see when your fave bands are playing.  Also twitter is a great tool to bring the feel of Coachella into your living room.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fade into You

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY Lipstick Made Out of CRAYONS: Easiest Method

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I absolutely love this !!  I want to make a Pop Trash Beauty Lipstick shade . I will try this out let you know what I cook up. Would be a great gift for friends naming the lipstick after them.

Pop Culture : April Fools Urban Myth Mikey and Pop Rocks

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I think growing up in the 80's was an amazing time to be a kid. We were obsessed with sea monkeys , silly putty the urban myth of pop rocks and soda in combination exploding your stomach. How Mikey from the Life cereal commercials ended up as a part of this urban legend I haven't a clue. I'll explain this for our younger readers and people who missed this on there playground. I thought that on Aprils Fools Day why not talk about an urban myth.

In the 80's Life Cereal did a commercial with a cute kid in them named Mikey.

Well back in the 80's the school yard rumor was that Mikey died from eating pop rocks also drinking soda . His stomach exploded so kids cautioned each other not to ever eat pop rocks and drink soda together for you may follow the fate of Mikey. I had a slumber party none of us would eat pop rocks and drink soda . Though we did freeze each others underwear. This myth has been debunked for Mikey actor John Gilchrist is all grown up alive and well. He even reprises his role in 1986 as Uncle Mikey.

"A few years after the commercial appeared, a false urban legend spread that the actor who had played Little Mikey had died after eating an unexpectedly lethal combination of Pop Rocks (a type of carbonated hard candy) and a carbonated soft drink, which caused his stomach to inflate with carbon dioxide. However, the legend is false, as Gilchrist lived into adulthood and Pop Rocks contain less carbon dioxide than half a can of such soft drinks."

Spring Look For Pop Chic Boutiques Spring / Summer Purses

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Everyone wants to see the purses I painted for Spring and Summer . I still have 11 more in production that will be released this week. Here are some of my favorites from my Etsy Shop come by and take a look at the others  . You can stand out of the crowd wearing art one of a kind. My shop Link :  Pop Chic Boutique 

This is a funky bag that will go wonderful with your spring wardrobe. Its measures 12 inches in width and 51/2 inches in length . Long generous strap can be worn around you or off the shoulder . Also tuck the strap in for a clutch. This purse is hand painted with Acrylic Paint set with Mod Podge Sealer . Its a unique piece of art that noone else will have. I love the symbol of the butterfly in the fact that change is beautiful

Melting Chevron
This purse is 7 inches tall 51/2 inches wide . 24 inch strap , Brown faux suede purse with metal hardware , hand painted melted chevron pattern . Cool purse you can use in summer also bring you into fall

                                                                            Flapper Girl Purse 

This purse is circa late 1950's started out just black. I hand painted a 1920's Flapper Gal. My inspiration was Kiki the famed photographer Man Rays Muse. Her head piece is made out of a damaged clutch from the 20's I up cycled to give her some glam. 6 inches in hgt 10 inches in width . Chain strap is 12 inches can be tucked into purse to make a clutch.

Painted Daisy  Pop Art Purse
This purse measures 5 inches hgt 6 inches deep 12 inches wide strap 14 inches . I took this 1980's purse hand painted some colorful daises on it inspired by Warhol . Its a fun purse that is a great arty statement. The ruffled top pocket looks like a bodice to a dress. She is a fun purse.

This Pretty Pink Wallet with faux pink snake skin design is from the 80's . Its like totally awesome !! This wallet dates circa 1985 . Painted to restore its vibrant pink . 3 1/2 inches height 7 inches width 

Cosmic Cat Love Purse
Cats in Love purse vintage circa late 50's . I hand painted the purse 12 inches wide 5 inches tall 
The strap is a wrist strap that comfortably dangles from your wrist . Spring is a time of love


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