Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word ( Statement Jewelry )

necklace lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

Ever since I discovered statement jewelry it has become a staple in my wardrobe. You can amp up your look in seconds by using a simple statement piece. You will be able to breath life into that little black dress. Some people find it scary for sometimes the pieces seem a bit larger than life. Statement jewelry is hot right now so now is the time. I liken statement jewelry to hats you just got to keep trying. Eventually you will find your piece that empowers you . I'm going to show you an array of statement pieces from my shop Popchicboutique.kitsylane.com that are great beginner pieces. I actually own most of these pieces that I'm showing you today.

Olivia Necklace

Olivia will take your breath away. This striking handmade statement piece features a bold floral centerpiece blooming with mint and lavender rhinestones. Offset beside is a second floral cluster in blushing pink, adding unexpected asymmetry. You'll be unstoppable in Olivia. 
- Antique gold plated, glass, hand made chain
- 16" long with 3" extender 
- Lobster clasp
Love this! Found it on Pop Chic Boutique https://popchicboutique.kitsylane.com/index.php?file=product_detail&pId=6087

Antonia Necklace 

No jewelry box is complete without a link bib necklace, and Antonia is a stellar choice. Strung along three different sized chains, Antonia's hammered links create extra shine. Each gold bar at Antonia's closure features a unique design for added interest. This stunner includes an extender, so you can go long, or go choker!

- Gold tone metal
- 18" long
- Lobster clasp closure
Love this! Found it on Pop Chic Boutique https://popchicboutique.kitsylane.com/index.php?file=product_detail&pId=3692


Have you been looking for a versatile day-to-evening choice for summer? The Suzan silver circle necklace is a lovely choice, sure to get lots of milage! Textured designs and alternating diamond cut crystals add interest and a bit of sparkle to this dual chained piece. Suzan will elevate your look.

- Silver tone metal, crystals
- 18" long, 2" extender
- Lobster clasp closure

Love this! Found it on Pop Chic Boutique https://popchicboutique.kitsylane.com/index.php?file=product_detail&pId=6639

I invite you to pop over to the shop to bring one of these items or view many of my other fabulous sales going on  Pop Chic Boutique 

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Writers Block

                         This blog is on vacation due to a case of writers blog by yours truly. 

My case of writers block came on quite suddenly with out warning. The way I combat this is through myself into some new life experiences. There isn't a lack of content the writer of the content , has no idea on how to deliver it. There wasn't any one event that lead to this. I am having a wonderful summer actually. I've been getting out meeting my community at farmers markets. I even have really cute alpaca friends. Though they can be moody like people. I am growing my own lavender in a container garden. Attending classes even making preparations to finish my degree finally. Though I am working on a Robin Williams tribute that will be done soon. Hopefully this creative block will pass soon.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Misty Copeland Ballet Icon Will Inspire You #bodyimage

I read about this advertisement in the Huffington Post. Ballet Icon Misty Copeland makes a statement.

This is an excerpt from the Huffington post article.

"The ad begins with Copeland balancing on pointe while a young woman's voice is heard reading a rejection letter. As the camera pans over her physique, the letter lists all of the reasons why the applicant didn't make the cut, including the sentence, "You have the wrong body for ballet."
But Copeland spends the second half of the spot disproving that sentiment, powerfully and gracefully dancing her way across a stage." 

( via The Huffington Post "Misty Copeland's Under Armour Ad Is Like Nothing You've Seen" By Jamie Feldman)

Why is Basic a Dirty Word ? ( Pop Culture )

I'm over a week behind on this one , I kind of ignored the whole story to be honest. Then it was speculated that Lauren Conrad went platinum blonde in regards to Allure magazine calling her " Basic " with sausage curls ??  Then it just seemed that "Basic" was now the new naughty word. So I decided to dig a little deeper on this one see what the craziness was all about. Even the young girls in the Starbucks line were calling someone "Basic " as they scrolled on there iPhone. The way they used the term was quite derogatory actually mean.   In my twitter feed beauty people were using the term. " How not to be Basic "

A few of  Lauren's  MTV's The Hills co-stars went under the knife allegedly due to the pressures reality stardom.(I'm not judging those who do get cosmetic surgery, its an observation ) She didn't seem to cave under the pressure. The whole " Basic " uproar kinda caught me off guard. Wasn't Lauren's whole branding centered around the girl next door image. It was a bit harsh when they said " Remarkably , Unremarkable " ! Who wants to be called unremarkable ever ?  Though the smelling like "vanilla cupcake body milk" isn't too shabby. They could have said " Sour Goat Milk " that made me gag a little. Correct me if I'm wrong wasn't she just on Allures cover ?

 Her website is reflective of this girl next door branding. I kinda get how it would really aggravate someone in her position. Though she garnered some publicity and coined a new catch phrase. I think the new platinum locks are pretty remarkable.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life Changing Summer

Tonight I was feeling very nostalgic about summers past. There was this one summer before I started college. Where I hung out with a new group of people. It was a magical summer it was one where I knew life was changing. We all had summer jobs came from different walks of life. Yet somehow the summer brought us all together. It was my first summer as an adult with no curfew. After work finding places to play volley ball or swinging on old playground swings laughing. Then congregating at a local Dunkin Donuts to see where the parties were that evening. Even cruising downtown to find all your friends. ( before cellphones were in the masses )  What I remember was just this excitement of things to come and just being truly happy. This was in 1994 so way back in the day. Of course all of us grew up went our separate ways from that summer. Though sometimes I think of those times it makes me really happy. 

Even though this summer has been challenging it has been a happy one. Even though I am older and know more of the world. I am in eager anticipation of what may be around the corner. The feelings of fear and anxiety are making way for new ones. Do I know what lies ahead ?  I really don't yet,  I know in my heart that it will indeed be good. Just like when I was preparing to go to school in Boston back in the 90's . That same drive and determination is strong in me once again. Laying down the ground work for a self sustaining future. I've been going to farmers markets enjoying the atmosphere, people, sights and smells. Meeting interesting folks such as Alpacha farmers. Even an 80 year old women who grows the most enormous beefsteak tomatoes, I've ever seen. She says " They don't always look pretty when the food comes from the ground , yet they will keep you alive" .  Mainly I've been taking more time to smell the flowers in between classes and meetings. Sometimes you don't get to do this in life so its been nice. This may be a bit boring for some of you. Yet maybe some of you can relate. Metamorphosis can be a cool adventure, even better when your chrysalis is starting to crack. You know in the paths of uncertainty you are indeed on track.