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Learning to Love My New Body | Mini Doc | Hannah Witton

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When I started blogging many moons ago watching makeup tutorials to keep me in the know. My favorites at the time were Makeup Geek , BeautyVlogCast , Goldie Starling, Pixiewoo . I still go to these channels quite often for guidance.

We are going to take a look at one of the most popular genres on YouTube. The Beauty Community which comes complete with its very own hierarchy,tabloids, language. You can wow your teenagers / 20 somethings with phrases like " Honey your makeup looks snatched , have fun at the dance."  Beauty Gurus now not only do tutorials they do a few variation of videos. The content game on YouTube is getting fierce you better be ready to change evolve to survive. Shane Dawson the queen of YouTube has upped the content game in all genres. We will talk more about him in an upcoming posts.With his new series he is taking content to new places. You have to be somewhat entertaining as you are beautiful to compete in this world. Gone are the days of just doing jus…