Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Selfie Brush

This may be the new Topsy Tail of this generation , I was really ready to mock the selfie brush. You'd be surprised it is getting glowing reviews from reputable style magazines Though I think I'm going to need try this selfie brush out to be sure. I really like the idea of this product ( no they are not sending me one for free, I will pay for mine )  Especially since one of its features is not losing your phone in your purse. With the Holiday season slowly creeping up on us. I think it would make an excellent gift for that person who has everything. Actually for the person who "really " loves themselves. I'm conflicted yet as a blogger who has to take a lot of her own photos , Im curious .

Selfie Brush for iPhone 5 & 5S - Pink - The Selfie Brush - SPECIAL COLLECTIONS

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Hair Trends 2014 ( Messy Hair )

While researching this article it made me laugh a bit. One of the styles is called " Gym Sleek" I obtained this reference from Harpers Bazaar. ( I will provide the link to the article which inspired this post )    which I think a lot of us rock naturally at the gym. I'm thinking skip the shower if you work out in the morning. Go to work and proclaim you are " Gym Sleek" make sure you use copious amounts of deodorant though. ( I am attempting to be humorous please do shower)

Years ago back when I started this blog we discussed , how the exclusive fashion world pulls from us the common folk. Mothers rocking messy buns at starbucks in NYC inspired one designer to shine up the look and use it on the runway. With that being said some looks being taken from the runway and rocked for fall go from Buns to Mod. I just watched " Valley of the Dolls " the other night which got me craving a mod bob. Looks like my fashion Spidey senses were right on cue. ( Spidey Sense is a reference to the fictional comic book character Spider Man. When Spider Man has heightened spider like senses)  I've provided youtube tutorial links on each title for your learning pleasure.

Off Duty Ballerina - This is a ballerina bun. You can wear it messy or sleek its really all up to you. I a linked a youtube to the title on the basic ballerina bun. You can just let your imagination go crazy.

Gym Sleek- Basically the casually done hair you wear to the gym. You can wear a large head band or free flowing. The way it works is mixed texture where your roots are wet and other half dry.

My Little Ponytail - Yes the pony tail is in for fall. Though you can have it free flowing or mixed media pony with strings and things woven in. Go through your kids craft set see if there is anything you can use.

Mod -     Well Mod is 60's era hair such as the bee hive , mod bob , pixie . Think of the women of the band the They B-52's they are mod. Also Twiggy , Edie Sedgwick , Julie Christie

My mom wanted me to pass on a cautionary tale about "Beehives" see said to make sure you wash your hair regularly. Being a nurse she said there was an increased cases of lice due to girls keeping there beehives in too long back then. She said some women were so infested they had to shave there heads. I mean too long as being in weeks long without washing. ( I am itchy now lets move on to wavy) 

Wavy   Do the wave !  Yes wavy hair loose curls is in this fall. I have naturally curly hair so my hair won't let me do this. Though give it a whirl.

Twisters and Braids -  All summer we heard about fishtail braids. I remember them back in the late 80's pretty blonde girls name Ashley who played la Cross wore them. ( Little shout out to my friend Ashley who totally can rock fishtail braids )  Then twisting your hair is also on trend this fall. You can twist your hair in a updo or into a funky braid. In the 90's we used to twist our hair in these medusa like twists and anchor them with little tiny butterfly clips. I loved this trend it was so easy and fun.

This fall seems pretty easy to me .Do any of our older readers remember the Topsy Tail ?  They should bring it back with all this twisting going on.  I am going to get a mod bob and rock a pop knot bun all fall and winter. I was growing my hair out hoping to dye it blonde. Though I remembered what a pain it was to keep up blonde hair. So I'm just going to keep my hair chestnut brown. So what hair style trend will you rock this fall.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Movie Magic in my Backyard ( Sea of Trees - Matthew McConaughey )

Matthew McConaughey : Photo by Tracey J Whitney

Its really strange to wake up one morning , brush your teeth and see movie trucks parked down your street. In some sense of our world we aren't supposed to be phased by such things. It was no big secret that a movie was being shot here.

"The movie stars McConaughey as a man who goes to the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, the site of numerous suicides where he encounters a Japanese man (Ken Watanabe) who has lost his way. Together, the two men begin a journey of self-reflection and survival.The Sea of Trees will shoot in various locations around Massachusetts for a couple more weeks before moving to Japan."

Yet I'm never in the right place at the right time. Its always everyone else telling me about there encounters. I was a bit nervous about checking it out to be honest. What if an angry man with a walkie talkie chased me away. My friend Angela and I took the challenge we investigated the set. No way could I even anticipate how it would effect me in a positive way. Inspiring to keep going in life .

With all the social media and behind the scenes sequences. We are privy too via the dvd extra's category. Even before the movie is released some entertainment show is  creating the buzz by showing us how its all done. ( Maybe I don't want to know sometimes)

Where is the mystery ? Where is the magic ? With theater prices skyrocketing a lot of us don't even go to the movies any longer.

 I studied communications and Media in college. I even made a short film for a final exam in one of my classes shot on 8mm film called " Pimpin Aint Easy"  it was a group project.

During this time at college my mom took me too NYC to see my first broadway show. I was amazed by NBC Studios for I sort of understood what was going on. I explained 3 point lighting to my mom. Today I am fortunate to have a radio show I'm not paid for just because I love the process, music and people.

What was amazing to me maybe I might sound a little naive but the process fascinated me. So I've posted pictures of our day on the set. Honestly I had become disenchanted with the industry recently.
This experience was wonderful it was a day of learning. Also rekindling of watching a creative process in action. We meet so many nice people from around my hood. I actually meet some neighbors. Seriously it was just interesting and fun !

I didn't get the whole truck , I was trying to be slick acting like I didn't care

These are the miles of electrical cords that are used on the set. I am not exaggerating miles of cords

Deep breath as I walk in to the College court yard. I see other spectators so I relax a bit.

This is actually pretty interesting , they are setting up the scene outside for the indoors.
The director wanted more branches showing out the window. So They took branches from around the campus.
Kinda a low tech solution which makes it even more amazing. 

Placing branches for SFX 

I run to the coffee shop to meet my friend trying to look cool.
Though I have to tell you it was extremely hot and humid.

Motion Picture equipment ( I think scaffolding probably) 

Food for the Crew and Cast (  I am a geek yes , I even took pictures of this.
Though wait there is more 

and more 

So word got out that Matthew McConaughey was on the set . So we decided to stay a bit longer in the heat 

No just a security guard yet we are all ready 

A very large movie light 

The whole movie crew had cargo pants or shorts with big hats on. I don't blame them I wanted his hat 

I wonder how many movies this crane has done ?

local reporter asking the college kids questions

This was the van rumored to shuttle Mr. Mcconahey 

So by now you realize that my friend and I were there a very very long time . When all of a sudden people were running

It was the one and only Matthew Mcconaughey ( he is in the trenchcoat )  

So this is when everyone says he is going around the otherside RUN ( Hot and humid I ran like a nut ) 

After running like crazy to the other side did it pay off ?

He was in Character 

That's a wrap 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Plus Size Fashion for Fall ( That Id Actually Wear )


Well since gaining a lot of weight over the winter and spring. At this time last year I was graduating from plus sizes into " normal sizes " as they are called. I am in the process of shedding the fluff , you have to love yourself as you are now. I was in denial all summer about my expanding waistline. So I wore boyfriend jeans, capris, shorts . I only had three pairs of pants that still fit other than the beautiful Cynthia Rowley palazzo pants and black dress I purchased. I've been too depressed to shop for a bigger size in which I need. So I bit the bullet an pulled out my larger sizes out of the closet. Though you have to love yourself as you are NOW !  So I had to embrace my own mantra wholeheartedly.
 I've set up a pinterest board for those of us curvy divas. This board also has a body type chart that will give you some ideas of how to fit your body. Honestly just cause something comes in plus size doesn't mean it will look good on you. You must try things on if you need a size up, who cares. You want to look your best so if your a 14 and the designer/brand looks better on you as a 16 go for it. I've looked horrible trying to squish into things that were way to small. When I went a size up it actually made me look smaller and I was able to breath , drink liquids and walk like normal person.

This is the Pinterest board

My Tips

  • Don't hide in fabric , this makes you look bigger than you are. Find your assets and show them off don't hide. 
  • Belts worn right can really be your friend. It takes away the focus of your belly gives you a shape. I was belt phobic for a long time. 
  • I would say this to a women of any size. Buy new underwear when needed. Get measured for a proper fitting bra even invest in spanx. I sometimes wear a full body girdle for the back support. These are not your grammie's girdle a lot of them are actually comfortable can be worn all day. If your blessed in the chest get a sports bra for workouts. I went to the gym for a week without one let's just say it was awkward.
  • Also this is advice Id tell all sizes. When shopping online measure yourself don't guess or you'll be sending it back. Try to find models or bloggers about your size to see how the style "really " looks 
  • Monkey Butt Powder the name is not flattering but this stuff really is an overweight womens dream. It is nice smelling unlike those medicated  powders. You should use it under your belly and breasts this wards off irritation and other not so flattering things catch my drift. Also great in your sneakers. 
Try it on ! Try it on ! Try it on !  When you're shopping make sure to try it on ! Nothing is more heart breaking then bringing something home and not having it fit. All brands size different so be on the safe side.
I'll have more tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best. One thing I will tell you when you feel good about how you look. People notice the confidence first over anything else.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word ( Statement Jewelry )

necklace lengths - good to know for when you're ordering online and can't try it on

Ever since I discovered statement jewelry it has become a staple in my wardrobe. You can amp up your look in seconds by using a simple statement piece. You will be able to breath life into that little black dress. Some people find it scary for sometimes the pieces seem a bit larger than life. Statement jewelry is hot right now so now is the time. I liken statement jewelry to hats you just got to keep trying. Eventually you will find your piece that empowers you . I'm going to show you an array of statement pieces from my shop that are great beginner pieces. I actually own most of these pieces that I'm showing you today.

Olivia Necklace

Olivia will take your breath away. This striking handmade statement piece features a bold floral centerpiece blooming with mint and lavender rhinestones. Offset beside is a second floral cluster in blushing pink, adding unexpected asymmetry. You'll be unstoppable in Olivia. 
- Antique gold plated, glass, hand made chain
- 16" long with 3" extender 
- Lobster clasp
Love this! Found it on Pop Chic Boutique

Antonia Necklace 

No jewelry box is complete without a link bib necklace, and Antonia is a stellar choice. Strung along three different sized chains, Antonia's hammered links create extra shine. Each gold bar at Antonia's closure features a unique design for added interest. This stunner includes an extender, so you can go long, or go choker!

- Gold tone metal
- 18" long
- Lobster clasp closure
Love this! Found it on Pop Chic Boutique


Have you been looking for a versatile day-to-evening choice for summer? The Suzan silver circle necklace is a lovely choice, sure to get lots of milage! Textured designs and alternating diamond cut crystals add interest and a bit of sparkle to this dual chained piece. Suzan will elevate your look.

- Silver tone metal, crystals
- 18" long, 2" extender
- Lobster clasp closure

Love this! Found it on Pop Chic Boutique

I invite you to pop over to the shop to bring one of these items or view many of my other fabulous sales going on  Pop Chic Boutique 

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.