Saturday, May 31, 2014

" Still I Rise " Celebrating Maya Angelou

I read this poem softly at first then without me knowing it my words got louder. Then I ended up with tears running down my face. Maya Angelou has that way about her where she is able to wake up a part of your soul. I wanted to celebrate her life thank her for inspiring me over the years. She is one person I wish I could have meet. Sending love and healing to her family, friends and fans for the loss of a beautiful soul.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

40 by the Time I turn 40 ( 31 to 40 )

31.  Do my laundry when it is manageable not out of control
32. Try a new recipe each week
33. Stay out past 10:30 ( yes my younger readers , there will come a time when this is late)
34. Go to the Gym a min of 3 days a week
35. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
36. Embrace change have the courage to bring more into my life
37 . Take less selfies ( I have a problem with this )
38. Go to a random local events to learn new things
39. Stay 39
40. Have a friend edit this blog so it's grammatically correct. While I am brushing up on my grammar. Thank you Tammy for taking this on. I get to excited and post to soon.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interview with Boston Fashion Designer Dylan Uscher

Photographer: Kim Holstein Photography (
                    Model: Sophie from Dynasty Models
    Hair/MUA: Eleni Demetra (

Here at Pop Trash Beauty, we love opportunities in which you get to participate in the actual creation of Art. Through an innovative site called Luevo, you are able to search for new fashion designers who share in your design sense and ethical values. When you find your match, you have the choice to fund the designer or designers, and each of their designs via a secure payment option.  This innovative process is called, crowd funding, which consists of the general public taking part funding a project or venture by donating money, typically via the Internet. In this case, you’re only charged if the piece you've selected hits its funding goal.  This type of funding enables designers to put his or her line into production. I really love that you are able to contribute to the growth of artistry.

Here is a little bit about how this happens.
“Our platform makes it easy for you to discover the hottest new designers and fashion fresh from the runway. You can search through fashion designers who have eco-friendly products, manufacture locally and ethically or offer exclusive items and pricing. It’s a perfect match: find designers you love and share the same values as you. “(Via )

My dearest Fashionistas will be wearing a piece that none of your friends will own. (As a trendsetter, it’s very empowering to have the coveted item of desire)  Another great benefit is not only are you funding an emerging designer, but a lot of them offer incentives for you to do so; such as a great discount on a fabulous fashion piece. 

I know a lot of you are trendsetters; this is more than ever a very intimate way to be ahead of the game.  This is a great way to be intrinsically linked to the trend, a connection that is lost when we grab something off the rack.

“When you place your reserve with a designer on Luevo, you help them produce new and unique collections. You become a fashion influencer and because you made production happen you shape the future of fashion trends. You fund it, you wear it and you become the future of fashion!” (via

I had the opportunity to interview one of Luevo’s talented designers, who is located here in Boston.  Currently, the only Boston designer with a line on Luevo, designer Dylan Uscher will make your fall a lot warmer and fashionable with his beautiful line from his company Dylanium Knits.  Let’s find out more about the talented Dylan Uscher .

PTB:  Thank you for doing this interview with Pop Trash Beauty. Was fashion something that you aspired to do from childhood? Or was it something you fell into?

Dylan : It was actually the later. I had no aspirations to do what I do now. I am from Boston, originally Cambridge. I moved to Toronto Canada in 2005, went to the University of Toronto for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Linguistics. (He stayed on in Toronto for 3 years after that) I was in search of an academic career as a professor; that didn't happen. So I went to school. Working in administration, I very quickly realized that isn’t what I wanted to do. While I was in school in Toronto in 2005, I was on a bus trip. We were stuck in the traffic.  I noticed a friend of mine knitting. I leaned in to ask her what she was doing.  She was making a sweater for a cousin or something like that.  She taught me how to knit. I actually took to it very quickly.  That was a couple weeks before my first semester winter break. When I came home and told my mother and grandma that I learned how to knit- they were very excited. We then went around to yarn-shops to learn the processes. It was a hobby that I was interested in, and caught on to pretty quickly.  Then I would find patterns online. I would look for a new pattern with the new design scale that I can adapt to something else.  Then I just started doing pieces for my friends or myself. After my Masters year I looked more seriously into as doing it as a career. So I worked full time as I said in administration, did my business part time.  I worked with other fashion designers or small business, kind of help them out any way I could. I make sweaters for people’s runway shows or help them put something in for an editorial. That’s how I got started.  Last year was the first year I put out a collection under my own label. This would be my accessories collection.

PTB: Can you tell us how you got involved in Luevo?

Dylan: I first met Ana Caracaleanu, the CEO of Luevo at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto a few years ago. We met at a networking event and she told me about her idea around Luevo. I really loved the work she wanted to do and how she wanted to help independent and new designers to make their dreams come to fruition. We kept in touch and became friends before the launch of Luevo, so when I made my latest collection, it only made sense to fund the collection through their platform.

Photographer: Kim Holstein Photography (
                    Model: Sophie from Dynasty Models
    Hair/MUA: Eleni Demetra (

PTB: Tell us a little about your line featured on Luevo. What do you find to be one of your favorite pieces?

Dylan: The collection has a series of six accessories. Three of them are made of super chunky 100% Peruvian Highland wool and are hand knit. This includes two styles, Sherman and Rowen which were in last year's collection, but did so well, I wanted to bring them back. The second half of the collection features lighter weight machine knit pieces that are made out of 100% Extra-fine Merino wool imported from Italy. I think my favorite piece from this collection is the Fairfield shawl with fringe. It's a big lofty fabric that's extremely versatile and easy to wear by women and men alike. It's definitely the piece I'll be wearing all the time this fall!

Photographer: Kim Holstein Photography (

PTB:  I read that there was a lot of Italian influence in this line from a trip you took to Florence. Can you give me an example of how this is incorporated into your line?

Dylan:  Yes, I went to Florence for a yarn sourcing trip in January this year and the whole experience was amazing. I found some great new yarns to work with and was just so inspired by the city. In particular, I was inspired by the architecture of the Duomo. I spent a lot of time analyzing pictures I took on the trip to study the colors, minute details in the stone work, the hand carving, the tiles, etc. The colors are definitely inspired by the stone work I found, as well as the night sky in the gorgeous city. I also borrowed many of the repeated patterns in the tiles and carvings as inspiration for the fabric textures in the pieces.

PTB: What is the process of funding one of your pieces? Is there an incentive or discount?

Dylan:  The process is very simple. You can just go to the collection and find an item that you want. Hit the 'Reserve It!' button and enter your billing and shipping information, as well as what color you want. Then, when 4 other people have reserved the same item, it'll be funded and you'll receive the piece, so be sure to tell all your friends about it too. There are several benefits to ordering through Luevo. 1) You will get the item months before it's ever available in stores. 2) There's free shipping on Luevo anywhere in the world, so you can wear something no one else has. 3) There's a 15% discount across the entire collection as a special thanks from me for helping with the campaign.

Dylan was a pleasure to speak with. When I asked him about dream collaboration or a celebrity he’d like to dress he answered, Janelle Monae and that he loved her style and music. We agree she is definitely a fashion icon.  Yes, for our Duran Duran fans who read this blog, I am happy to report he was listening to Duran Duran on his way into the interview. I hope that you go on Luevo and support Dylanium Knits if you can’t contribute spread the word about this wonderful and innovative crowd funding campaign.  Dylan’s campaign is only up on Luevo until June 15th. So go on over to the website and help get his pieces funded. You’ll thank me in the fall when you’re the envy of all of your friends rocking Dylanium Knits.

Special Thanks and credit go to Tammy Byrnes for editing the article. 

You can find out more about Dylan via his website ( as well as twitter @dylaniumknits

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pop Trash Beauty : Drinking Iced Coffee Watching the Stars Playlist

You asked for a playlist. So I sat under the stars and came up with this rotation. I hope you dig some new names , some ever true. My gift to all of you ... ( This could have been longer so it just means we have to do more playlists )

Thursday, May 22, 2014

40 Things to Do by 40 ( 20 - 30 )

20. I will put 40 different post it notes on mirrors of public restrooms with positive affirmations on them.
21. I will write 40 hand written notes to 40 people I love telling them what they mean to me 
22. I will paint 40 mini paintings sell them give the money to 40 different charities 
23. I will buy one new vinyl every month of an artist I know nothing about , Actually one I think I hate .
24 . I will give away all extra clothes to charity shops . Re purpose any ripped or frayed clothing into art.
25 . I participate in some form of legal street art , such as a authorized mural painting 
( I know lame but I must color inside the lines in situations such as this ) 
26. Purchase my cemetery drawer and cremation urn  ( morbid but responsible) 
27. Take less pictures make more memories 
28. Work in my local food bank on a regular basis 
29. Purchase a pair of Charlotte Olympia cat slippers ( Yes its materialistic yet true , I might change this one ) 
30. Kick fear in the but and send it packing , This next chapter of midlife will be a brilliant fearless and loving one. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pop Trash Beauty :Exclusive Interview Jemma Kidd ( Requested Repost from 2011 )

Since I've created Pop Trash Beauty, never have I had such an honor. Jemma Kidd granted us an interview. I've been a fan of Jemma for years. Well respected in every facet of the cosmetic industry. She is a mogul, makeup guru, teacher, mummy, author to name a few things on her stellar resume. A former model  who was more comfortable behind the camera. She emerged to become one of the most talented makeup artists in the world. In 2008 she launched her JK Kidd line with Target. Bringing her cosmetic line across the pond. Off the runway and into your handbag. Her makeup is wearable the price point is reasonable. Id like to thank Jemma for talking to Pop Trash Beauty. One thing you'll learn about this makeup guru, not only talented with the makeup brush. She has some seriously amazing taste in music.

PTB : How did you get started in the makeup business?

JK: I started out in the industry as a model, but I was never really comfortable – unlike my little sister Jodie! When I discovered what it was like being on the other end of the make-up brush, I knew I'd found the right career. I was lucky to work as an assistant to make-up supremo Mary Greenwell for five years and was then spotted by Premier Hair & Make Up Agency and taken on their books in 1999. Since then I've worked with leading fashion designers, photographers and a host of prestigious magazines, including American and British Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle. I have also written a weekly beauty column in the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine for the past six years. In 2003 I founded an academy in London to train professional make-up artists and to offer a range of make-up workshops for women of all ages. I have also created three distinctive make-up ranges – Jemma Kidd Make Up School (launched 2005), Jemma Kidd PRO (launched 2008) and JK Jemma Kidd (launched 2008) – which are sold throughout the UK and US as well as in Australia and Hong Kong.

 PTB: What do you see being the next big trend for fall makeup?

JK : I’m loving the Sixties aesthetic that was seen on so many of the fall 2011 catwalks, from Anna Sui and DKNY in New York, to Moschino Cheap & Chic and Blumarine in Milan. This season the trend has been reworked through modern eyes: simple feline flicks, sultry winged eye shadow and doe-eyed Bambi lashes. To recreate the look try my new Sixties-inspired JK Jemma Kidd I-Sculpt Shadow & Liner featuring an innovative slanted liner to create precise lines and a complementary shadow perfect for sculpting the socket line. Finish with feathery, fluttery lashes for a full-on Sixties revival!

PTB: Is there currently a product in your JK line that you are “addicted to” that you use on a daily basis?

JK: My JK Ultra Plush Mascara and Mannequin Skin Complexion enhancer are my ‘can’t live without’ beauty products. The complexion enhancer is such a multipurpose product and can give skin an instant lift and the mascara is a must have for everyday glamour

PTB: A lot of my readers are over 30. How does makeup change for us at this age? Are there products we used in our 20’s that we should avoid?

JK: As you reach your later 30s, switch from out-and-out glitz to subtle shimmers that are more flattering and wont point out any fine lines around the eyes. There’s no need to stop wearing strong colors though. Pale skin, dark smoldering eyes and red lips can look inappropriately ageing when you’re 20, but in your mid to late 30s the Hollywood seductress style comes into its own for evening. Explore the benefits of high-tech anti-aging ingredients. Crème blushes and undereye concealers in hydrating and firming formulas will help to retain a youthful radiance

PTB: Where do you look for/find inspiration for your fall JK makeup line for Target? What are your influences? Do you have specific styles that you enjoy more than others?

JK: I draw inspiration from everywhere: fashion shows, films, books, design, art, nature, different cultures, people, photography…  I find inspiration all around me.

Q: Name five songs that are always in rotation on your iPod.

JK : 
1. Adele – Turning Tables
2. Bob Marley – Is This Love
3. Radiohead – Paranoid Android
4. Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang
5. Coldplay – Fix You


PTB: Do you have a favorite Duran Duran song or video?  (Duran Duran is an inspiration behind the blog. Many readers are fans of the band and Jemma Kidd.)

JK : I love Duran Duran! Simon Le Bon is a friend of mine and I was sitting with John Taylor and his wife Gela at Wimbledon this year, as we were both invited by Ralph Lauren. I went to the Duran Duran reunion concert years ago. My favorite songs are Girls On Film, Rio and Ordinary World.

New Painted Purses

This is not a painted purse , though a boring what's in my purse post I didn't write . 
You can purchase any of these purses on Etsy

Sunday, May 18, 2014

40 Things to do by age 40 ( List 11- 20 )

I have been obsessing over this list. Want to have it finished by my 39th Birthday next Friday. So I take you through my eleven through twenty.

11. Want to learn how to plant and maintain a city garden.
12. Go on a roller coaster that I have been too scared to ride. Its called the Black Widow though we will have a show down.
13. I had a dog named Bubba in Arizona ,he only had 3 legs. Bubba and I healed together learned to love and trust people again. I want to bring his dog collar to the Dog Church with his picture & story to be put up on the wall.
14. Attend 5 shows of bands I know nothing about in venues that I've never been too.
15. Give up Candy once and for all
16. Do the Warrior Dash
17. Do more work for the Bees and the environment in doing so learn about sustainability of the earth.
18. Learn to use a sewing machine
19. Read 25 books
20. Attend 5 Red Sox Games

The MAC Malelficent Collection

The MAC Malelficent Collection


Mac cosmetics eyeliner

Maleficent Nail Lacquer | M·A·C Cosmetics | Official Site

This collection is beautiful indeed.  Though I think my mind was thinking of the Animated Sleeping Beauty. I was looking for some more vibrant purples, greens , and pink  perhaps ?  Also shouldn't they have incorporated the Dragon? ( I am a movie geek so allow me the liberty  to be a bit of a snob )  The pallet colors didn't seem Malelfcient like to me. I will say in all fairness my mind was stuck in the animated classic.  The new movie when it comes out May 30th  will perhaps shed some light on the color selections. What I love is the lip selections to me were right on the money. The name of the lipstick alone would make me buy it. " Loves First Kiss "  . ( Lipstick is sold out )   I do love the line the shadows are deeply pigmented. I've heard the contouring powder is amazing , that is also sold out. I have to say its a well done collection if your a make up freak, I would say a must have in your collection. Maleficent is my favorite Disney Vixen of all time.  So I would like to know if MAC hired you too create an dream eye shadow pallet , What would you base it on ?   Lourde has collaborated with MAC on a purple lipstick that will be out in June. So keep your eyes peeled beauties lots of glam this summer. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

40 Things to do before I'm 40 ( The first 10 )

I am entering my 39th birthday at the end of the month. In celebration of being given another year on this earth close to a milestone. I crafted a list subject to change at anytime. I came up with the first 10 for I have put a lot of thought into them.

1. The old friends I've been promising meetups with , to follow through with plans.
2. Travel to a new place out of curiosity
3. Write an self published E book
4. Go to NYC spend the afternoon in central park , laying on a blanket eating fruit and reading a book. ( If it rains then go to MOMA )
5. Actually have the courage to attend many of the many press events I'm invited too. No waiting till I think I'm cool enough just going no excuses.
6. Perform many random acts of anonymous kindness.
7. Wear a bathing suit without a cover up
8. Get a stamp in my passport
9. Go VIP to a Duran Duran show .
10. Spend more time connecting off the internet.
Note :  I have been blogging with my ipod on the go. I noticed there are a lot of errors when I do so. Thanks for your patience. I think I need to wear my glasses also.
I woke up like this ...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Art of Chaos ( Random Life Post )

We have allot of exciting things coming up on the blog. Interview with a Boston fashion designer. You be suprised what amazing fashion designers there are in Boston. I'm listening to Beyonce right now feeling empowered . Sometimes my beauties some darkness needs to enter for the light to shine through. I'm doing a 40 by 40 post since I'm turning 39 on May 23rd. This will give me a year , will be interesting to see where it takes us. I find the journey is the exciting part. My purse art is getting a little crazy this I love. Just remember to face your fears , allow the tears , just go for it !  I think we are going to have an amazing summer . Lets be shine bright this summer. ( I am a bit chirpy today for I had a  big latte) I think a pep talk was in order . Thank you all so much for your love and support of this blog.  

Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts ( PTB song of the Week )

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Favorite Denim Jacket ( Magic Jacket )

My Magic Jacket in HollyWood 

My denim military jacket was an last minute impulse purchase for a trip to LA . I was going to study avante guard makeup for one week. I had never been to LA before , being overweight made me even more nervous. I honestly was afraid to even land in LAX  thinking they wouldn't let me in. My fears were relieved when I saw other overweight people on the plane. I am an intelligent women so it even surprised me that I was nervous. I had a bizarre time in LA still don't know what to make of it . The class was cut short for unforeseeable reasons. So I was left in LA not knowing a soul at that time with 4 days to kill. My jacket took on a life of its own.

 This jacket was the ice breaker that helped me survive the trip to LA . People would start talking to me because they loved my jacket. ( I'm from a city were if random people talk to you they want to rob you, I kept my street smarts about me yet was friendly)  This culminated in a tourist family taking me under there wing for a day. I am always grateful to them made it a nicer trip. ( still bizarre on so many levels )

Since then this jacket not only goes with everything it has opened doors. New York City people actually talk to me when I wear it . In Phoenix Arizona I got asked for a drink with a really hot guy at the airport. When I wear it here at home people smile at me. I have gone down about 5 dress sizes yet the jacket still fits. Its  like my magic jacket for some reason. Do you have a statement garment or accessory that is like magic ?   My cousin in Tucson has a hat that no word of a lie looks good on everyone. If you don't think you got a hat head. This hat is magic it will look good on you. That was a random side note just because its how we do things here at Pop Trash Beauty.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Fruit & Vegtable Parchment Jewelry ( Margaret Dorfman )

                                          Watermelon Radish

I've rekindled my love of Pinterest in the past week. Once a recovering " Pinster " now fully relapsed pinning my little heart out.  Well seems that all this pinning has garnered me a reward. Vegetable Parchment Jewlery .  Intrigued I pressed forward into the world of vegetable jewelry.
Margaret Dorfman via

Margaret Dorfman hand crafts each bracelet using an ancient technique and specialized equipment, including "a wickedly sharp assortment of knives." Inspired by the beauty she saw while slicingvegetables in the kitchen, Margaret was determined to find a way to preserve andcelebrate the beauty of everyday fruits and vegetables. "My art is about showing the intrinsic complexity and beauty in these everyday foods,"she says.  ( via )   

Fruit and Vegetable Parchments are fused to pure tarnish-proof copper and glazed with a nontoxic, lacquer-like protective finish. The copper shines through the brightly colored fruit and vegetables giving a warm, enamel-like glow. All jewelry is lead and cadmium free.
( via 

Margaret even offers earings in her line along with beautiful bowls that are dazzling. This is really beautiful in a getting back to your roots type of way. She composts any of the left over fruits and vegetables and donates to her local zoo. Check out her website it is really fabulous .  Eat your fruits and veggies everyday if you miss a serving just say your wearing them. 

Information for this post was collected via

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lace-Front Eye Brow Wigs

Have I been living under a rock ? The night bra of two years ago sent me through a loop , such as this new find has.  While browsing Refinery 29 an article caught my eye . These lace- front eyebrow wigs are quintessentially based on false eyelashes.  In this excerpt from the Refinery 29 article they explain what a lace-front eyelash wig actually is .

"What, exactly, is a lace-front brow? Consider it the little sister to the lace-front wig, which is composed of real or faux hair sewn into thick layers of lace. The wearer slips on a wig cap, applies some glue or tape, and then affixes the wig. The brows work pretty much the same way: Itty-bitty pieces of hair are sewn onto the lace in the shape of brows. But, since there is no "cap" for your brows, you swipe a special adhesive onto the back strip and lay them down right on top of your natural brows."  ( via Refinery 29 " Lace-Front Eyebrow Wigs are the Craziest thing You'll See Today by Maria DelRusso ) 

They also mention in the article that women who have undergone chemo therapy are benefiting from the lace-front eyebrow wig.  I wonder though do they slip during the day.
 I've had some really embarrassing mishaps with ban lashes. You can purchase the lace-front eyelash wig online they are widely available. Maybe spunky super model Cara Delevingne will maybe develop her own line of eye lash wigs ,  based on her own signature eyebrows ? I guess there is a cornicopia of options in reguards to these eye brow wigs.   You can even make your own thanks to the plethora of YouTube tutorials out there. So would you rock a pair of these lace-front eyelash wigs ?  

Fly Moon Royalty Cover Duran Duran's " Read my Lips "

Seattle based Band Fly Moon Royalty has covered Duran Duran's song " Read my Lips " of the 1990 Album Liberty. Fly Moon Royalty is comprised of duo Adra Boo and DJ/Producer Action J . The Duo did the cover for an amazing cause. Action J told USA Today's Pop Candy

   Our friend Jenny George is a leukemia survivor who throws a fundraiser/birthday party every year around Valentine's Day called "Dancing on the Valentine." All the proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She picks one popular (older) artist, and all of her band friends get together and play covers of the artist's discography.(via Whitney Matheson , USA Today )

   Listening to this track about ten times being disconcerting music fan. Also allot of you know that I am a fan of Duran Duran. I have to say I loved this cover. They kept the signature Duran Duran Synth sound , though paired with the lets just say amazingly sexy vocals of Adra Boo is right on. I would love to hear front man Simon Lebon sing the cover let's talk about some musical chemistry. I found it the cover to be very sexy. Want to get frisky with your significant other play this song. I especially love that it was done for a good cause. If you'd like to purchase the EP Unfinished Business i've provided the link below. Here is the link to purchase this EP Band Camp