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My Favorite Strawberry Shortcake Recipe ( Independence Day )

Strawberry Shortcake by tracey-j-whitney featuring sleeveless dresses

I think this is a standard recipe , yet its the one my mama uses. Any question leave them in the comments. Hope you love it !!  This week I'll be doing posts of Independence Day posts all week . Oh the eager anticipation is building , I can feel it !!! 

Easy Strawberry Shortcake 
This is not a caloric friendly recipe at all. My mother makes it this way every year. You can adjust the ingredients to your dietary requirements. Also the amount is based on a dozen. (  I can't believe we are doing a recipe that isn't for facial scrub )  Recipe makes 12  2 package of frozen strawberry or 2 creates of fresh  1 cup of agave nectar or 1 cup of sugar  2 cups of water  2 packages of six shortcake desert shells ( They are usually stocked by the strawberries this time of year.)  1 container of Cool Whip  1 mixing bowl 

If you got fresh strawberries , remove the leaves and slice into quarters. put sliced strawberries in…

One Direction Makeup Line Niall Horan Models on Twitter

This makes me jealous on so many levels. Wish Duran Duran would follow suit for us who are mid life chic. I used to develop pretend Duran Duran eye shadow pallets in my sketch books. Though I think if the band was going to release a line it would have been done. They invent trends don't follow them . Then you never know really they surprise us all the time. ( Wait I must stop daydreaming about Duran lippy and get back to the young folk )   So will you buy your tween or teen One Direction makeup ?  I don't even have to review it , will be a best seller you can just tell . If they had made NKOTB makeup we would have all had it in bulk. How did that not happen they were a marketing machine. Though if requested I will review it for you. I will find a teen to help so I don't feel weird. So if you could pick a band or celebrity to design your ideal makeup line, who would it be and why?  I will keep you all in the loop with the One Direction makeup developments. My gut tells me …

Its not the heat , Its the Frizzmidity ( Humid Hair )

Its Not The Heat , Its The Frizzmidity ( Humid Hair  )
By Tracey J Whitney 
Pop Trash Beauty 

Tis the season we are Frizzy. Here are some tips for a smooth ride through the hot and humid days of summer. We like to say in New England " It least its not Snow "  . 

        •When you wash your hair. Leave your conditioner on longer. Wash your face , shave , sing , save that for last.          •Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush they are best           •Use sulfate free frizz fighting serums.
          •Air dry hair if possible , even a house hold fan is best. •Don’t touch your hair •If all else fails wear a hat if you are able •Pull your hair back in a bun or chignon. •French braid with tons of hair spray  

Wimbledon Fashion

Wimbledon Fashion by tracey-j-whitney featuring Fresco Towels

Had a little fun on Polyvore this morning taking a mental vacation to England. I was attending Wimbledon in my day dream. You were all there beauties. We ate strawberries and cream while taking in the scenery. Then I realized I was in america in my jammies with a meeting to attend. I watch what I can every year on television. What did you wear on our imaginary trip to Wimbledon ?   If your there in real life tell us what you wore. ( This really happens I put something out there like there is no way on earth . Id know someone attending an event. Then I get an email from one of our sassy beauties telling me they are there ) 

Ruching is Your Friend ( Tummy Camouflage )

Ruching  is a friend to women kind everywhere. The mid section is just for lack of a better word a b&#ch to contend with. You may have the after baby c section pouch, weight loss skin, muffin top,  or  pasta pouch as I lovingly call mine. With weddings, cookouts, pool parties galore. Let me arm you with a weapon my darling beauties.  Ruching will not get rid of your gut thought it will disguise it nicely. I will partake in plenty of ruching this summer. If you watch  TLC's " Say Yes to The Dress "  you are probably familiar with the term  ruching or ruche . ( Yes I do watch the show call me a masochist.  ) Seriously since gaining weight from quitting smoking among other things. While I atone for my caloric sins at the gym. My feeling is any help I can get is welcome. Trying on a bridesmaid dress a couple of years ago. I was introduced to ruching made me feel so sassy. This was the first time I didn't leave Davids Bridal and cry in the car.

What is Ruching ?

I lo…

Dads Respond to Disney's "Frozen"

I have no children but my 3 nieces will stop in there tracks for Frozen.  I blame them for me singing " Let it Go " for three days straight. That's why I had to rent Frozen for um research purposes.

Friday Freakin Tired Night ( Over 30 Night Home )

I may be breaking a blogging rule. Should I be out photographing an engaging evening with friends. Photographing our cocktails with well arranged flowers. I've always been a bit different on so many levels. I'm almost 40 wonder when exactly I will be cool ?  Today I was on the go from 6:30 am . Then tonight I grilled out with my sister sure was yummy. Came home jumped into the shower . I was eagerly anticipating changing into my yoga pants ( yes count me in to the sisterhood of the yoga pant, yes Jimmy Kimmel, someecards, and many others may mock us. Frankly darlings I don't give a darn)

 Drinking my very large decaf ice coffee while diving into a big glossy fashion magazine. Listening to some old school pop jams while combing a hair mask in my hair. ( redundant use of hair just deal with it ). With the advent of social media you ever notice we apologize for having normal lives ?  If we aren't out with a cool place at the ready to check into facebook with we deprecate…

The Bus Chronicles

This post is born from status updates that I've done for years. On my personal Facebook account. Sometimes I feel bored and akward on the bus so I take out my phone start typing away. 

Morning Bus Chronicle 

The weather is hazy today the calm before the humidity. These summer mornings remind me of field trip days. When as children we'd all get to school with our shorts on chilly in the morning haze. Special packed lunches with our names on the paper bags. Teachers with clipboards wearing street clothes and sneakers. With that little ball of excitement in your tummy . Knowing you were going somewhere you'd never been before.

 Speed walking to my favorite bus stop. Which is the least creepy of the few in my hood. There is an aroma of rotten garbage from the bucket adjacent to me. With a small swarm of yellow jackets drinking up some sugary blue liquid trickling through the metal grating of the trash bucket. Everyone is sleepy not necessarily chatty. We all look at the drunk …

Beauty Tuesday : What are BB, CC, & DD Creams?

Are you confused about the whole CC , BB , DD Cream thing ?  What are the benefits of these miracle creams you ask ?  Which one do you use ?  Well to clear up a little of the mind chatter, they are all tinted moisturizers with sun protection. Choosing one is entirely up to what your skin needs entail. So shall we go there to the world of the double letter creams ?  
BB Cream CC Cream 

 DD Cream 

What double letter cream is right for you ? You have to really know what your looking for the cream to do. Basically try out a couple different brands to see what works for you.The skincare brand you use now, may offer double letter creams. I use two CC Creams Almay and Physicians Formula . When my skin is dry I use Physicians Formula. Everyone's skin type is different my CC  cream may not  work as well on you. So do your homework. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below. See you next post !!

Products I Use 
Physicians Formula Super CC + in Light Kohl Eyeliner Plum and Brow…

Pop Trash Beauty now a Lifestyle Blog ( I'm getting close to 40 )

I knew the transition must happen yet wasn't sure how to do it. Not that a lot has changed all that much except that yeah the blog has to grow up. I'm not a mother of children ( Though I've helped raise a lot , yes mothers I know it doesn't count ) . Also not married so its kind of hard for me to write about the life of my peers. When I really don't live in that world of juice boxes and couples vacations. Though I do visit that world for the people I love live there. 
Pretty much reading the musings of a lot of twenty-something bloggers that there biggest fear is being me. When I was in my twenties this isn't what I envisioned for myself either. Yet you have to come to the realization that it indeed could happen to you. Seriously it isn't that you're ugly, damaged, or unworthy its just kind of how things turn out. If you end up like me just deal with it , count your blessings instead of what you don't have in life. You have love of friends, family,…

2009 Pop Trash Beauty Recap ( Repost )

I remember doing these videos when I first stared this blog. Well here is a little blast from the past . What was I wearing on my head during the intro ??  Oh lordy it was my badly tied hair scarf phase.

Lorde collaborates with M∙A∙C

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Touch the Sky (Album) Julian Lennon 'Everything Changes' Videos

Touch the Sky (Album version) by Julian Lennon
'Everything Changes - The Videos' is a collection of 14 music videos by Julian Lennon that will be released throughout 2014.
Each video will be released with the album audio alongside an acoustic version. Keep checking the Video Menu for the latest video release information: Buy "Touch the Sky" on

Bitten Lip Inspired Makeup Look ( Requested Repost 2011)

I'm working on a Duran Duran Inspired Makeup look . It's just not ready so I though since my new addiction Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm has rocked my little world. Thought we'd take a look at it show you a basic look .

With a little Parisian influence for the bitten lip is worn in France. Our post Come Celebrate French Style and Culture we touch upon the bitten lip.

You first apply the stain which is forgiving in the fact it gives you time to remove if you go astray. ( I've never been a color in the lines sort )  Then you apply the balm is nourishing and prevents the cracked lip look. There is no lip plumper in this product. So don't be afraid due to the name " Bitten" It doesn't sting

Old School Bitten Lip

1 . Exfoliate your lips of any feathered skin ( brown sugar , aquaphor , and a warm cloth should do the trick) 2 . Apply a lip liner 3 hues darker then your natural lip color. I start of dark on the edges get lighter as I work in s…

Join Pam & Gela Founders of Juicy Couture for Book Signing The Glitter Plan ( NYC June 5, 2014 )