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Freak Show on the Road

I got to do something amazing go to three states . My mom's Christmas / Birthday present to me .  Plus there was an airline sale. I always heard about theses as an urban travel myth. But for the price of 2 round trip tickets to the westcoast we lucked out and got flights to 3 states. These are rates I haven't seen since the 90's . I will never see it again I think. It was an amazing trip to see family. I will do some more posts. I've lived in some of these places it was also a trip of getting closure putting the past to rest. I felt a confidence that I never had before. A visit to the hip town of Portland would have scared me to death in the past. Yet I showed up and just said Im here like or not . Im not afraid to go into your cool record shops , book shops , coffee shops. Cos I'm one mad cool chick . I had my fam with me too so if a hipster attacked they had my back ( laughing)  People are just people if you just show up with a smile it goes a long way. Portland was friendly really allot of eye candy for this pop culture addict . Over the next week we will explore Portland and Tucson. I wasn't able to go into Seattle but spent some quality time with my family in Tacoma Washington. The two cities we will focus on are Tucson and Portland. I will also talk about some fashion tips I picked up along the way. More to come over the next week.

Next time your on a long flight try your hand at candy art

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Ive heard some folks mention a summer bucket list. So I've compiled one for myself! If I do two of these things I will be super excited. 

1. Go to the Ocean . I live 35 minutes away no excuse. Its been 3 years since Ive been to the beach. 
2. Harry Potter  Ive not read the series this summer , I thought it would be at least cook to get the first two knocked off. 
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Toner : Is debated in the beauty industry, I personally think it does a great job getting rid of excess dirt and restoring PH balance in your skin. If you want to skip it , Ill leave it up to you . Burts Bee's Toner ,witch hazel are my favorites though what you have on hand is good.
Wet a cotton ball with warm waterapply toner to cotton ball Using upward and outward motions Avoid eye contact 
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