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Pop Culture : Breast Milk Producing Cows

I think PTB in some aspects has visited the Island of  Dr.Moreau . Where Zombie Ants and Botox Pups frolic in utter bliss. While Duran Duran plays The Man Who Stole the Leopard  in the back ground. Well as I was getting ready for work listening to the news. I heard about cow's producing human breast milk. I ran to the television with the tooth brush hanging out my mouth to look upon this site. Its a wonder I didn't lose my English muffins that I had for breakfast. I mean the intention is good to feed many babies. Just the whole premise of messing with nature in this way. Here is an excerpt explaining moo-re

Chinese scientists claim to have genetically modified cows to produce milk with the same nutrients in human breast milk.

Researchers reportedly used cloning technology to mix human and cow DNA to achieve the bizarre feat, London's Telegraph reported Sunday.

"Our study describes transgenic cattle whose milk offers the similar nutritional benefits as human milk," wrote Professor Li in the journal Public Library of Science One. "The modified bovine milk is a possible substitute for human milk." ( read article in full New York Daily Post )

Though I guess the animal kingdom has been nursing each others orphaned offspring since the beginning of time. There wasn't any genetic tampering. Just an animal mama not looking a species just seeing a baby in need.

So what do you think of  human breast milk producing cows ? 

Here is a little Duran Duran for you.

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