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Concert Fashion on a Budget

     I wanted to take you on my journey. Looking for just the right outfit for a concert. Though being on a budget can really put a kink in your cunning plans. Yet I can give you some tips on how to rock out some pretty delicious looks not ending up at the poor house. The lucky thing for Duran Duran fans is that our band doesn't follow trends they make them. So originality is always welcome in our neck of the woods.

Establish a price point : You must do this set it at something you can obtain . This for me is 100.00 the object is too get as low as you can. I will say 100 but 85.00 will be my target range. This helps you stay on track will curb your urge to impulse shop.

Take Inventory: There has too be something in your closet that you can use.Why buy a new pair of black pants when you have 5 pair. See where I'm going with this .
Items you might have : Leggings , Cammie's, Belts , Blazers , Belts (ie. the cute blouse you bought on sale for something special. With the tags still on it ) I posted a youtube dont you wish you had her closet.

My item : Jersey Blazer that hugs my curves in all the right places. Hides the curves in all the wrong places.

Concept: Think of a look you want to have. Surf the web or look in magazines , check out people out and about. Its there something you like? When you have a concept of what you want it helps you focus. The Man Who Stole The Leopard captivating you, then rock out some leopard print. Sometimes you just want to be you just all shined up like a new penny. Having an idea will prevent more impulse buys. For example the blouse with tags still on it , we all have hanging in the closet.This is the last time I will mention the blouse I know you all have.

Lilly Allen with a little leopard in her with
hand bag gives a pop of color

My concept is  punk chic , I want my look to say just because, I'm 35 doesn't mean that I can't dress rock n roll. My challenge is a hard one its a slippery slope from punk-chic to cougar. I think we know I'm a frisky feline but not a cougar just yet.

Vintage/ Thrift : The biggest trick in thrift shopping is location location location. The best thrift and vintage shops are usually near college campus's for me. Especially when the dorms move out. The kids will be donating allot of stuff that they don't want to schlep home. You want to look where the shops are located because that's who donating. If you go to one near a elder community other then the jewelry the place is apt too be filled with granny gear.Its a hit or miss venture so keep your wits about you. There is big savings this is where having a concept helps. So you have an idea of what you are looking for.

Photo via : Street Style Aesthetic / Wayne Tippet

What I Buy : Sunglasses , Jewelery , Funky Print Tops, Dresses,Shirts , Skirts

My Favorites
Buffalo Exchange
Salvation Army

Borrow : If one of your friends has something cute ask too borrow. I usually lend them an item they have been lusting over. This helps you make a speedy return.

Off The Rack : I've always bought everything off the rack so this isn't a big deal for me. Some place you want to look Kohl's, Target , TJMAX , Marshall's , H&M,  all these stores have designer apparel for a fraction of the price. Make sure you hit the clearance racks. If you do Macy's , Nordstroms or any of those fancy pants places . Go directly to clearance you'd be surprised at what you can find.

Splurge Item: Something you have wanted for a long time. Pick this item carefully for it will most likely eat away at your price point. Sometimes its a scarf or a splash of Juicy Couture which I know Duran fans love from the bass player hearts. Try to buy something you'll wear again .

My Splurge : Punk Masters Shirt  I'm torn between two Velvet Banana or Synth & Sythabilty  cant have both . Which one tell me in comments below or tweet me @traceyjwhitney . Im also willing to wear one of our Duran Duran Inspired makeup looks let me know which one.

Velvet Banana


Tell Your Friends: The best sales are never the ones you hear about through advertisements. Its your gal pals who are out an about who know best. Tell them what your looking for your more then likely to get a call  for example
Flo : Hey Pop Trash Beauty, Kohls is having this killer sale this weekend. I got some pretty cute stuff .
Pop Trash Beauty : Really so glad you called lady.
Flo: Well I know you have that Duran Duran concert in a few weeks maybe you can find something.
PTB: That's great Flo , I love your style so I'll check it out
( yeah I think this is the result of too many coronet educational films)

Friends of Mine

These are the tips I use pretty much shopping for everything. I find as women we envy the Louboutin wearing lovely. Yet we worship the women that can say " You like this top ? I got it for 20.00 on clearance at Macy's" My best advice when dressing for anything. Make sure it makes you feel beautiful and makes you smile. A smile is by far the most attractive in least expensive way to accent any look.

Stay tuned as I show you my end result . I'm currently still shopping for the punk chic not a cougar onsom. Will I stay in my price point ?  I will also be taking snaps of Duranies at the Foxwoods show in a street style type wrap up blog post. So lots of fun and hyjinks to come on Pop Trash Beauty

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