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Stylish Ladies In My Life

I was thrilled to be nominated by  In New York Paris Tommorow  for a stylish blogger award. I've totally been geeking out over it . I  am going to nominate my 7choices for Stylish Blogger Award . Ive noticed that Jewles From The Roving Stove  an In New York Paris Tommorow    both did some fabulous lists on "Things You Didnt Know About Me "  So I thought Id follow suite.

My first art Exhibit with my orchestra geek jacket around my waist .
1. ) I played the violin for many years an when I was 13 got to study at Tangle wood for a couple of weeks with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The Violin got put away after my hormones an teenage social life picked up . My mom is still upset over that one.

2.) I was a guest on a Talk Show called Tempest. It was in the 1990's when I was in college. The show was shortly cancelled after that . I wonder if it was something I said .

3) I love Olivia Newton John if I were ever to have a girl crush . From age 4 to age 8 I'd make my family sit through living room performances of her songs. I didn't get he words right but I belted them out with confidence. so I don't think they noticed?

4. ) Have you ever heard of Colony Collapse. Well I am obsessed with it to the point Ive rescued honey bees from the city bus, puddles , or any forms of peril that I see.

5. Everclear an Donuts .. Only in my random life do the two actually go together. One night after a music festival in Tennessee my best friend Jessie were partaking in the Chattanooga night life.This guy in a pink boa an a cowboy hat waved to us to come sit with them. It was Everclear who headlined the festival.Well make a long story short Art an I got into a debate over Dunkin Donuts on the East Coast / Crispy Cream on the west coast. So he sent a guy to get us donuts. The rest of the night I ate donuts drank beer with a group of very cool dudes from the pacific northwest. I can tell I'm getting old beacause the thought of beer an donuts together bleck !

6.) I have a weakness for Baristas. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe its just the pure an simple fact that at times a man is making me coffee. I like to call these micro crushes, beacause in that short exchange. I'm anamoured. Then once I leave its over. Though there was a Barista a couple of years ago. That I would make sure I  had makeup on for even on the weekends.


7) My Saturday Night Dates with Kevyn Aucoin : I would take one of his books put on some funky music. Pick one of his looks an go to town creating it . It never turned out like his. Id find that it would take me too another route I hadn't thought of before. Usually Id accomplish something I never thought Id be able to do.

Now on with the show ... Here are my 7 nominations for The Stylish Blogger Award

In New York Paris Tommorow  - This well written informative blog is a feast for the eyes. If you are a fashion fan you must follow.

Makeup Magesty - I love her product reviews, humor an she is just absolutley a doll to talk too. We both share a Coco Perez addiction.

Christine MacDonald - Writer. Speaker. Recovering Narcissist. This is a must follow a very smart blog.

Jewles From The Roving Stove- She combines Fashion , Food an inspiration in too one beautifuly written an photographed blog.

 Botox Extraordinaire - I love reading her product reviews , Her taste in shoes is to die for.

Yvan Rodic - The genius behind Facehunters. This blog takes you on a trip around the world street style savvy . His subjects are all ages sizes nationality. All they have to have is a funky look.

Chic Electrique - Talia is a acomplished jounalist with an eye for the interesting. Her site is amazing .

Congradulations now you have to nominate 7 of your Stylish Blog picks an tell us 7 things about you. This is so fun .

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