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Art : Patrick Nagel Pop Culture Icon

  We haven't done an art post in a long time. As many of my twitter followers know my avatar for the longest time was a Patrick Nagle painting.  This is one of my favorites she says so much with her cat like eyes.  Here is a little post about the brilliant Patrick Nagel

The Basics

Born : November 25, 1945

Died : February 4, 1984

Birthplace: Dayton Ohio

Training: Chouinard Art Institute,
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University at Fullerton

Favorite Drink : Coffee

Famous Nagel Women : Joan Collins

Alternate Rio Cover Art by Patrick Nagel

In popular culture ( list taken from The Art History Archive - Contemporary Art  )

In the Futurama episode "A Fishful of Dollars", the "authentic 20th century apartment" has what appears to be a Nagel-esque poster of a woman on the wall.

In the Vertigo comics series, The Sandman, the character Desire of The Endless is generally illustrated to resemble a Nagel print, specifically the portrait used for the band Duran Duran's Rio album cover. Neil Gaiman, the creator of the series and character, had previously written a biography for the band in 1984.

The packaging and promotional material for the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City similarly exhibits a stylistic debt to Nagel's work.

Nagel's artwork strongly influenced much of the illustration and clip art of the late '80s and illustrations of women strongly resembling those seen in Nagel's art can still be seen on American hair salons and other beauty-oriented businesses. 

Nagel Inspired Street Art ,Tokyo Japan ( via Global Graphica )

 ".The feeling of Nagel's work is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints as well as of Art Deco styling, yet it is completely contemporary and universal in appeal. Some compare it to Edouard Manet's "Olympia". Starting from a photograph, he would create a simplified drawing, then translate the drawing to a painting -- always "simplifying, working to get more across with fewer elements," noted Elena Millie. Bold, dark lines shape perspective out of flat, cool colours and stark white spaces. In some ways it was similar to Norval Morrisseau's paintings. " ( by The Art History Archive - Contemporary Art )

Woman by Utamaro

   What I love about Nagel as an artist is his bold use of color an the contrast of the white figures . Showing sharp sophistication of the quintessential 80's women. You can feel his love of women. When I look at his work my inner vixen wants to come out an play. These days she really doesn't get out much. I was introduced to Nagel by the Duran Duran cover art for Rio. They seem to be my gateway drug to everything that is fabulous in fashion, art, music.   Patrick Nagel passed away in 1984 from a heart attack. He lives on forever as an icon in the world of pop culture .

To read more about Nagel an see his work check out this link.

Tracey Nagelized

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