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Jet Lagged Blog Post !

We are going to be doing a couple of posts on my recent trip to the pacific northwest. There will be coffee, salmon, street style. Arty photos I think are cool posted all this week. Yet your beloved self proclaimed pop culture blogger. Wasn't much of a beauty this week. I didn't really do any makeup or dress as someone who has a blog called Pop Trash beauty should. I was on vacation dang it .  I'm sitting here Jet Lagged thinking how on earth I will ever get up in time for work ? I'm scared just thinking about it.

Random Thoughts
 First off why on earth is there a hot topic in Seattle ?  Once again I'm just saying what got you mocked an shunned in the 90's is now all mainstream in a store. Manic Panic should be a little hard to buy don't you think ?  You should earn the right to have blue hair ?  I think I'm just still kinda buzzing from the whole love of those who are arty type vibe that infected me this week. It will be knocked out of me soon enough as the conformity of my daily routine grabs hold of me.With my standard issue lunch bag an travel mug. When the highlight of my day is getting the last cherry pop tart out of the vending machine at work. I'm a little sad that I wont be putting on my chuck T 's on to start the day. Lazily sipping the best coffee ever watching KING 5 news with my auntie. Watching the movie The Perfect Storm with people who aren't from Boston. People thinking my accent is a wicked Pissah . Feeling this ironic geeky giggle rise up in me as I bought a Twilight Saga book not too far from where it is filmed. So this ends my jet lagged blog post. I will post a blog in the form you know an love. This is my way of touching base with you . So stay tuned PTB friends for some entertianing blog posts this next week .

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