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Pictures In My Mind ( Pike Place Market )

As a kid I was restrained to take the normal vacation snaps that most of use have. Tracey go stand by the fiber glass chicken . Or when we went to Disney World I can't even tell you how many palm trees my mum made me pose in front of. " Hunny get in front of the palm tree" . Then it changed I was able to take my own pictures. I want to share some with you. They aren't professional grade work. Most important I had fun . Though the looks you get taking some of these lol I have always been fascinated by open air markets such as flea markets, farmers markets . Pike place is one of my favorites thrust between tourist trap stores . Is a thriving farmers market where locals do shop.The  creative energy that infects you there local artists are out in full forces selling there products. Street performers entertain you on every corner. It seems when you venture away from the market this feeling follows you. As you see a crumpet shop , record stores, spas , galleries all eager to relieve you of your tourist dollars. Even though I have been there a few times over the years. I still get swept up in it become the "tourist" .

The Tacoma Gnome  
My Auntie has a garden full of them in Washington state.
For a pop culture junkie such as me . I was in her garden taking pictures
 of all  the gnomes.

A women selling flowers Pike Place Market

A Red Snapper  Pike Place Market
This an odd pic I know but I love it

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