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What's In My Purse

When will that magic wand wave accross my head an say " Tracey you are a adult " Witty action figures are not fine home design.  My friends who suggested this blog post. After an incident were I spilled my purse in the middle of our local coffee shop. They said it was like a game of I spy. I will admit it is a bit much. So I am embarking on the most random blog post in the entire history of PTB.

 So what in my purse ?

This is my purse its a Vera Wang from Kohls ( umm if I had the money for a Vera Wang , I wouldn't be writing posts about DIY fashion week. I do rotate my purses but this is the most used.)

It doesn't photograph well . I wanted you to see how it changes color

This my purse spilled out . Your going to think I'm a modern day Mary Poppins when you see this mess.

 Granny Jewelry necklaces - Because you just don't know if you'll feel the same about the morning
necklace later in the day. ( I'm sick)

Breath Mints- Yeah just a staple

Perfume-Miracle Lancome

Smelly Lotion- Okay I have a chronic lotion issue. I must be yummy all the time. ( even sicker)
 lip balms - I might be in the mood for candy corn, barbie , Burt's bees , Victoria's secret

Wallet -Normal

Avon brochures form the lady at my office- Research ( lol )

Book I forget to read- yep its been in my purse for a year.

Pink T-Rex Pen- Don't you have one ?

Stamps- Though I'm postally challenged ask Kitty Amsbry how long she has been waiting for her prize from our contest in June. I do everything online . #Fail

Mascara - Waterproof Stilla

Lipstick - I have too many  ( the sickest of it all )

Sunglasses- Dollar Store pair cute huh.

Cellphone - normal

Paper - At least I don't litter

This is Chomps he lives in my purse

I have an illness called Compulsive Purse Hoarding( I just made that up) . I have to do weekly purse dumps to keep things in order. I have always been like this its insane . Its a bit girly even for me . I didn't really blossom into the whole girly beauty thing till my 30's . I don't know is there a cure for this ? So whats in your purse ?

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