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Beauty Tips for the Economically Challenged

With the economic down turn things have been getting a little rough for most of us.  While you feel like the kid pouting in the corner once again. Just remember there are more of us pouting in the corner with you. Turn that frown upside down because you have options.

Upcycle : Go to a craft store find an easy jewelery making book. Use it as a tool to upcycle your jewely . Allot of us have broken bits of beads clasps right in our jewelry boxes. Fix an old necklace or bracelet. Take two pieces and fuse them together. People use everything to make jewlery check out this article for more information.

What I did : I took two broken silver long necklaces fused them together with a concert buttons. I copied a chanel look I saw in a magazine. I was going to a concert wanted to rock out something funky .

Clearance:  Is not a dirty word it is your friend. If you know even a little about fashion. You can take a basic your find in clearance an integrate it into your wardrobe. Go to the clearance section first. If you feel self conscience. Get over it you'll be happy you did.

What I did : I've found some of the cutest blazers , pants, sweaters rooting through the clearance racks. I try to buy pieces that accent what I already have.

Thrift / Consignment : I love thrift more than you know. People like to say they just go there for a " Halloween Costume"  may mock it a little bit. Don't listen to them get your thrift on . Its a hit or miss situation keep with it . Allot of times if you donate you get a percentage off your next purchase. Some stores even pay cash for your clothes. Buffalo Exchange and Savers are two chains that are hitting the main stream. If your so worried about what people will say. Just call it vintage.

This is the Scarf & Dress
What I did : I bought a black A line cocktail dress for 15.00 . I went to a Christmans party an used a gold beaded scarf to wrap around me.

Makeup :  Over the counter makeup & skincare have come a long way. There is one classic  St. Ives Apricot Scrub which is proof you can find good stuff over the counter.  While looking for your lower cost alternatives got to Total They have a wide range of reviews on products. Check out there article   Best Drugstore Mascaras  What I found there is allot of real everyday people giving there honest opinion. Even though you may have to do a little more research its worth it .

What I do : Look in the sunday paper advertisements clip coupons. Chains like CVS offer extracare bucks. Look at your reciepts sometimes there are great deals where you can get anywhere from 3.00 to 10.00 off a purchase.

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