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The Real Beauty Movement


   When I was in Aesthetics school , I took a job at a makeup counter. I was very heavy at the time and was shocked I got the position to be honest.(before my 90lbs weight loss ) My first week on the floor after learning the ropes. I finally got a chance to take a breath and look around. Was I dreaming but each counter had a look in beauty advisor. As I made friends with the other girls in the area. I learned I was on the old lady /fat girl counter. I can't tell you who the companies are . I will tell you if you go to any high end department store's makeup dept. You can figure it out pretty quickly. I soon learned, as I went out too many salons seeking work. All the talent in the world wouldn't help me. If I didn't fit the look they required. I interviewed a high end Boston salon. Who was thrilled with my resume and skill set. When I went for the face to face the salon manager couldn't hide his disappointment. Asked me if I'd like a job in the basement of the salon answering phones. This made me doubt my talent as an artist, most importantly my value as a women.

So this brings us to the topic at hand, beauty discrimination. I think this problem is indeed a global one. The way you look can effect what you earn, relationships, etc. Makes one think has the world gone mad ?  This morning while on twitter one of our favorite tweeps is Kate from Eat The Damn Cake Posted a News Week article on Body Bias written by Dahlia Litwick here's a little excerpt of the article. I have provided the link below to read the article in full.

"Meet Deborah Rhode, a Stanford law professor who proposes a legal regime in which discrimination on the basis of looks is as serious as discrimination based on gender or race. In a provocative new book, The Beauty Bias, Rhode lays out the case for an America in which appearance discrimination is no longer allowed. That means Hooters can’t fire its servers for being too heavy, as allegedly happened last month to a waitress in Michigan who says she received nothing but excellent reviews but weighed 132 pounds. And the top management at Abercrombie & Fitch couldn’t hold weekly meetings, as they allegedly did, at which photos of its sales associates were reviewed and purged for any sign of breakouts, weight gain, or unacceptable quantities of ethnicity." (Dahlia Litwick for NewsWeek ) newsweek article

There is good news slowly but surely, the real beauty movement has started. One site which I think embodies this whole movement is Alexis Wolfers The Beauty Bean . This site is amazing in the positive well balanced message in which is sends out too all of its readers. Makeup Free Monday movement is amongst our favorites. I have posted an excerpt for you to read about the movement. Alexis is explaining her Makeup free Monday and the benefits of joining the movement. I encourage you to click on the link and join the movement.

"On Mondays, I still look professional and put together and nothing close to sloppy or messy. I still do my hair. I still get dressed. I still conduct all business as usual – and I work in the beauty industry. It does not mean that on Mondays I do not care how I look. I still take care to put my best face forward – my best face, unencumbered by cosmetics. Or, more accurately, my best self forward – since it is, after all, the goal of Makeup Free Mondays to take the focus off our faces and put it on those aspects of ourselves that really denote beauty. " ( The Beauty Bean /Makeup Free Mondays )

I wanted to show you in this post where we are, most important where we are going in the future. Looks like there is some hope that real beauty will be embraced in the world. Just remember no matter what to always shine.

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