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Sizzle Bacon Beauty

 This week on twitter one of our favorite tweeps kittyfunpuppy ( Kitty Amsbry)  posted a pic of bacon balm. It made me laugh thinking " a mans dream come true".  The following day Fusion Effects tweeted about bacon latte. Of course I googled it ,what I found out. The world of bacon is burgeoning right into the mainstream bacon cupcakes , candy, wallets , popcorn, baby formula, seriously shocked. I settled on showing you  two sizzling bacon products. In the future of bacon we will see tanning lotion and bodyspray hit the markets by the end of this year.

"Every time you eat bacon don't you wish you could taste that cured meat flavor all day long? Well, now you can! Just carry around a tube of this Bacon Lip Balm and you can keep your lips moist and meaty around the clock. Warning: Your lips will smell like bacon, but they are not bacon. Do not bite your lips. Each tube is 2-1/2" long with a twist bottom dispenser " ( Bacon Lip Balm Website )

 Bacon Lip Balm : The Ladies and Germs take on this lard laden lippy

 Would you kiss Man/women who is wearing bacon lip balm ? Is it a Turn off or Turn On ?

" Probably a turn off but if , she was real hot I could turn off my sensors for it. "
(John Ryan Gallagher aka Gallagher Meow )

" hmmm. I say turn on. of course, any guy who took the time to apply lip balm gets a kiss in my book"
( Kity Amsbry aka KittyFunPuppy )

"It's a turn OFF for me, I'm sorry! In theory, delicious, but when you make them, disgusting  thought! "

(Anita Nelson aka Model Supplies  )

"Turn OFF! Grody to the max"
(Rebecca Chulew   aka GermanFrancie )

"Bacon Lip balm will work wonders if you want to stop eating for a couple of days. The nausea will be the best part "


Wow so maybe its best to leave the bacon balm at home tonight . I think we have our verdict from our very savvy group above .

This Bacon perfume put out by a small company called Fargginay . This company is legit and this is not a joke. 

Here is an excerpt from an interview with the companies founder 

"John Leydon is a man with a simple dream: to sell bacon-scented cologne and perfume. Leydon admitted the idea started off as a joke nine years ago, but he and his company, Fargginay, "want to be taken seriously." After some components roll in from China in a couple of months, Leydon has his sights on selling this stuff at high-end stores like Barneys for $38. While the sample swabs smelled more like rope soaked in canned peaches, it's hard to find fault with his passion: "How often do you get a chance to do something that's never been done before?" The scent is slated to launch first in Britain, which probably explains why Leydon says he wants to snag Austin Powers as a spokesman." Read More  (Baconfest at Stan Mansion by Andy Seifert and David Wolinsky )

I asked my butcher what he thought of the perfume and lip balm. He wasn't amused by this at all . " Who the hell wears that crap " Is all he said shaking his head. So there you have it a glimpse into the burgeoning world of bacon beauty. I will leave you with some bacon accessories , that bring all the boys to the yard

Eggs and bacon skull and crossbones necklace  ( more info click on link )

Bacon Bracelet ( for more info on this item click on link )

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