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March comes in like a lion , An out with some Glam

The weather is getting nicer . Soon we will all be digging out our peep toe pumps. Winter was filled with winter socks and big boots. We are all human in other words if your heels are catching on the carpet and blankets give this a read .

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Foot Care : Depending where you live . Its time too give those little tootsies a look over . I'm going to divide the advice into two geographic locations to cover everyone. If you life on the westcoast or Mid west go by the climate that best decribes your location .

Above The Mason Dixson Line - If you are still in for about two more months of , rain , snow , cold . Follow this criteria
  • Drink Water
  • Start Moisturizing your feet more often , before bed slather them down with aquaphor or a soothing pepermint lotion .after doing this put socks on keep them on all night if possible.
  • Clip your toenails and file them.
  • During Bath and Shower pumice Heels and rough spots
  • Soak them periodically and scrub with st ives apricot scrub. then rinse towel dry and moisturize.
  • Book your pedicure appt for the last wk of april or first wk of may. I say these dates beacause its prime peep toe time , wedding prom season usually start  up about then .
Note : Im frugal though I believe one good pedi , can be a base of the season . You can maintian the work change your own polish . I do recomend going back in about two months for a spruce up. Make sure in the times in between your . Moisturizing your feet , if exposed to sun putting on some sun block . exfoiliate them at least once a week

Below The Mason Dixson Line - If the trees are starting to bud , weather is steady at 70 degrees most of the time . this is for you .
  • Book your Pedicure appointment ASAP. peep toe season is here in your part of the world .
  • Drink Water
  • During bath and shower , pumice your heels and rough spots .
  • Start Moisturizing your feet more often , before bed slather them down with aquaphor or a soothing pepermint lotion .after doing this put socks on keep them on all night if possible
  • Soak them periodically and scrub with st ives apricot scrub. then rinse towel dry and moisturize.
  • Sunblock will help minimize the apperence of the Tan-too
  • Follow the instructions for above also
Photo credit : ehow

Cheap Pedis
Look for Beauty Schools in your area that have a nail program. They are usually immaculate due to state regulations and preparing students for State board examinations.You can usually get a good deal and instructors are always near by in most cases .

Please use common sense , if you go into one of those store front nail salons . Look around is everything clean. Do they have there state licence on the wall . ( most states its manditory) . If things look not clean and unkept then walk out . You could get a staph infection or worse if you arent careful. Your not being a bitch when it comes to your health.

I've been hearing allot of buzz for the spring about OPI's Hong Kong and Alice in  Wonderland colors
They have cute names as always Dim Sum Plum and Jade Is The New Black . Off With Her Red
Here are some other brands looking into .
Milani : HD Nail Lacquer -Holographic , Color Digital
Zoya : Laney /Adina

I do not get any of these products for free , I only mention the stuff I like and think you might . Im not even a blip on the cosmetic industries radar lol  PTB is the best kept secret in the blogisphere . Id like to add the next installment will be Hair above and down below .

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