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Friday Night Q&A

Ive just posted your first names and locations . I get emails on a large range of topics . I thought the 1950's educational film was fitting and swell !

Q : Im starting a new job in a very coporate enviorment next month. After being unemployed for over 8 months ,Im a little out of the loop on what too buy. I had been at the office I worked in for 15 years . So I fell into a rut . The new place the women seem very polished and modern ? Can you give me some tips on how to intergrate , into my new work enviorment.

Irene -Foxboro , Massachusetts

A: I can totally help you with this . I too make money and survive, eat (etc)  as an admin assistant . I do makeup on the weekends for now.Im also starting a new job on monday . Since you have a month to prepare here are some tips that will help. One thing I will say is as much as we all like to stand out. When you enter a new enviorment , especially a corporate one . Looking similar to your co -workers helps you make a smoother transition . Think about when you were in your office. A new employee started you sized him or her up the minute they walked in. Key to remember is you got the job . You belong there in the first place . Being Confident is key over everything else.
  • Closet Inventory : If you have been on unemplouyment and things have been tight see what you have already. I recomend to pull  the following items.
Black Dress Pants
Grey Dress Pants
Tan Dress Pants
Cardigan Sweaters ( light ones since it almost spring )
Basic Color Dresses / Cut to the knee or longer . ( no patterns yet , they can make you look dated)
White Button Down Shirt
 Silk and Fine Cotton Shells .
Blk , gray , brown , blazers
shoes , belts etc
This is just a few key items that you can work with . There classics and basics that can be intergrated into new pieces .
  • What to buy .
Ready for some James Bond action ? I would just happen by there during lunch time . If its in city location , eat a a restuarant near by , even better some companies open up there food courts to the public eat there. Go to the places where the people from the company are likley to do errands . Just look at them . What are they wearing . Do you see a re ocurring theme or trend in accesories , shoes , etc. Seek out some of these pieces . It will help you see who your working with take a note book jot down a few things. While its fresh in your mind hit the shops. I recommend seeing whats around the area . Most people pick things up on there lunch hour or way home . If right of the bat you know who and what there wearing get cracking. Think of the pieces you already have and work them in. Dont go crazy just a couple of things to get you by the first week. After that you'll know from just being there .
  • Hair /brows / ladystash
Get a nice trim or clean up . Dont try anything crazy or new that you may get home and cry over . Just make sure that your hair looks neat , well groomed , roots and gray in check. Maybe some highlights and low lights to put a bounce in your step. Have them clean your brow up and get rid of the ladystash.
  • Makeup /Nails
Keep it clean . I always advise clients to stay away from color trends and wacky pallets , when they start a new job in a corporate enviorment go with a neutral eye trio , eyeliner stay with blk gray plum brown . mascara stay basic also . Lip color do a matte / with lip liner . Lip shade a couple hues darker than the natural lip. Blush try a peach or rose . You want to look well put together and groomed . As time goes on youll know if you can bust out the crazy eye pigments .

With so many great vibrate colors to choose from , You want to go with a french manicure , nude , or clear . berry , burgandy red . Though I do know that black is becoming mainstream. After your first week just by looking you'll know what is exceptable. I find in most very structured micro managed companies . Nails arent that regulated as long as there clean and neat . Scope it out first .

Hope this helps you , Congrats and Good Luck !

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