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Its Spring Time in New York City #mbfw

Fashion weeks are like time travel in my opinion. We get a glimpse if you will into our future. There is some kind of wonder about this for we don't even know what we are dressing as on Halloween. Though when we emerge from our slumber we know what will be on the covers of the Magazines. My observations thus far is there is the return of the clean face. I think for years we all have been tinkering with bold lip colors and eyes. Youtube gurus making crazy multi layered colorful eye looks. Seems this Spring clean skin with a lip color a few hues darker then your own is the call to order. There is a big 90's House of Style type movement I have seen on the runway. I often wonder why we are going back to the future is there a new future?  I'm not saying over the top crazy lady GaGa like looks yet something new. I mean the wing pants of the 90s ( yes you'd like to forget ) to there credit they were new. In my time travel I've notice all the new stopped in the 90s . So maybe by fashion going there they will invent something new next season.  I crave that new thing that we all need to have thats exciting.

If you want to get a pulse on Fashion get off the runway watch your world around you. Street Style is really getting popular. Allot of us in the blogging world were familiar years ago. Do you realize by the time the runway looks hit our department stores we are out of style. Allot of inspiration is pulled from you the average person. Did you think that you didn't ? Fashion designers like all artists pull from the real world. House wives who wore messy buns to NYC star bucks started a trend in 2004. So you never know . Look over some street style sites I recommend ones that are Foreign and gritty.

You'll be able to witness the evolution of how real life ends up on the runway. I will give you a rundown of my favorite shows on Thursday.  Since I haven't been able to attend this year I've been watching from live stream. We will talk about the actually logistics of a Fashion week and why they exist in future posts. I am going to take street style photos in my own place in the world to show you. Fashion isn't about the labels its how you put it all together.

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