Friday, January 18, 2013

Whats in my Purse 2013

I do this post every year seems to be a favorite . I honestly sometimes rotate from a messenger bag to purse. I thought I'd show you my messenger bag just to spice things up. I was at the thrift store looking for a backpack or some sort of sachel to tote around with me. When I found a brown funky Eastpak messenger bag with original tags for three dollars. Eastpaks are expensive thought the design wasn't my usual taste. I decided its function and quality out weighted the aesthetic of the bag. Kinda the same principle as the ugly winter coat that is the warmest over the cutest. I found over time I grew fond of it actually people would tell me out and about " cute bag" .  In urban living I find it handy can be worn close to my body. I can rush around with ease with out looking after a purse.

Whats in my bag ?? ( Not everything is in the picture )

  • Hand Sanitizer ( Flu prevention riding public transit its a staple ) 
  • Hat 
  • Wallet 
  • Ipod / earbuds ( Sometimes I just want to zone out )
  • phone ( In the picture you can see it needs an update)
  • cough drops or candy ( tis the season for the cough drops ) 
  • book ( in waiting rooms or on the bus when I want to chill ) 
  • change ( It accumulates in one section of my bag. )  
  • shopping bag ( never know when I need those few items while I'm out ) 
  • spare scarf ( This is vanity don't know if an errand will turn into lunch with a friend. nothing spruces an casual outfit up like a scarf
  • lipstick ( since Estee Lauder did away my fav , now have Revlon Plum 010 )  
  • Asthma inhaler ( i need to breath) 
  • snack bar ( Very long days good to know I have lunch in my bag , My fav are Cliff Bars ) 
  • lotion ( Avon Silky Hands , I bought to many for grab gifts two Christmas's ago been using them up) 
  • pens 
  • comp book ( I have the note function on my ipod, though kinda old school sometimes I get ideas for blog posts . Need to have lists for shopping  ) 
  • Travel mug