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List of Good Things

I have made lists in the past . I was talking to my friend Talia last night , I started to get in a negative rant . She tells me like it is and Im grateful.  Make  a list of thing that were good that happened to you today. So before bed I took out my pink composition book and wrote out a list . I decided to add some music to this for your listening pleasure. I'd like to thank her getting me out of the negative space . Even if things seem like they aren't going to get better they will . Stay positive my friends

  • I found the perfect hat in my closet to cover my bed head , to go to a 8am breakfast with my aunties
  • My favorite dish sponges were on sale today 
  • I got a phone call from a old dear friend I missed so much 
  • My tonsillitis is getting better 
  • I compiled and voiced my very first special on Total UK Radio today. My producer and I worked as a team the show was a success.  
  • I told a stranger good morning and she smiled like it made her morning 
  • I have friends that stand by me and care about me. 
  • In losing everything , I gained more then I ever could comprehend. 

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