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Trend Spotting : Elephant Poop Coffee ( Black Ivory )

My niece calls this blog Poop Trash Beauty. She is 4 years old so her fascination with poop is warranted . My friend Lizzete post an article on my facebook wall a couple of weeks ago .  Saying the new trend in coffee was elephant poop coffee . This inst the first time we have had potty talk on this blog . I wrote about the Nightingale poop facial years back and was invited to NYC to give it try. Then the urine perfume of weeks back. Im digressing my love of coffee is known by my readers, friends and family so lets get the scoop on this new trend . The pun was intended for your amusement .

We have to remember the past cat poop coffee that was all the rage of the coffee elite a few years back. This coffee was sold at 250 dollars a pound. Though it looks as if the elephant has stolen the spotlight . It is only available at exclusive resorts as of now. It retails for 30-50 dollars a cup. The reason for the price is the labor intensive process that goes into harvesting the beans. They pull the beans from the dung and process them. The elephants do eat coffee beans naturally in times of drought. It isn't uncommon for them to frequent coffee plantations to feed upon the arabica beans.

"BLACK IVORY COFFEE uses 100% Thai Arabica beans. Arabica beans contain approximately 1% caffeine. In contrast, Robusta beans contain double that amount. Green coffee beans have quite an amazing design as shell of the bean acts as a prote​ctive barrier to the coffee oils that are inside. Further, in order to extract the caffeine, heat is necessary. This is why coffee is roasted at roughly 200C and brewed at 93C. Adding further security for the elephant is the skin and pulp of the coffee bean. Blood work has been completed by independent veterinarians to confirm that there has been no harm to the elephants. An elephant veterinarian is also on-site at the the production site full-time." ( via 

My question is this would you partake in this luxe coffee trend ?

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