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Last Minute Gifts for the Women in your life

Youd be surprised to know that allot of men read PTB. Some of my friends husbands, boyfriends, domestic life partners ask me what to get there significant other for Christmas. I will give you a small list of a few things that won't have you in the dog house . In this post I will give you ideas on the filler gifts not so much the big ticket items. We all know Jewelery always a win in the stocking . Here are some thoughtful gifts that will have your partner surprised and shocked. Its weird that the single cat lady gets asked for this advice but I do .

Something named Glam Glove is a no no
Its saying here clean my house but look cute 

Things you should avoid 
I will add a disclaimer on this one for times have changed. If your significant other is a foodie or domestic diva , Fitness buff some of this isn't applicable

  • Cleaning products such as the above mentioned not advised 
  • Don't  guess her size look at her clothes or ask her friends . Guys tend to guess a size up and if you don't want tears or " You think I'm that big "  then do your homework . If your clueless then look at the brands she wears regularly buy a gift card for that merchant. 
  • Pots . Pans , cleaning machines, dish towels ,  she is not only your partner but lover not your maid so let her feel like a beautiful women. 
  • Exersize equipment , work out DVD's , membership to weight watchers  you see where I am going with this . If she is into fitness or weight watchers member go for it .Or has hinted that she wants one of these above mentioned . If you get a health club membership get one for yourself and say you want to do it together. This area of gifts could cause some tears even though your trying to help . It may come across as you don't desire her any longer. 

Gifts that Rock 

Nail polish partnered with a gift card  for
 spa  mani / pedi or  Sephora

Victoria's Secret  get her a cute gift set with a gift card . Women always need bra's and underwear
If you pick something out go with her sizes the shop women are good about helping men. Though be careful that you
don't end up buying something sexy because it could be taken as. " oh this is a gift for you"

Cofffee / Tea
If she is an avid coffee tea or coffee drinker . You cant go wrong  with
gift sets mugs and accessories in this area . Gift card with the chosen
gift makes for a perfect accent especially for a busy women on the run

Photos :  Allot of photo places at Wallmart , CVS , Target
Have wonderful photo gifts that can be ready the same day
take pictures of her facebook or from albums. Make , Calendars, Mugs , Iphone covers right on line
pick them up in store in as little as 24 to 48 hours . Its thoughtful and she'll love it

If she believes in a charity go to there webstore and purchase and item.
It will be a thoughtful gift for your supporting the causes she does

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