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Random Life Post : Birthday Brunch

My mom's favorite pic of me 

I sit here later then is recommended for a women that is having people to brunch. My Moms Birthday is Today ( Happy Birthday Mommy ) . So here I am at 1am writing a blog post. My house is clean streamers hanging proudly around the house. Its a quiet brunch with a few friends and Aunties. I asked my mom " What you want to do for your Birthday"  I want to have brunch at your apartment. It's been a long time since I was asked to host anything. Since I'm single living in a small apartment. I felt this little surge of pride swell up.  My family was trusting me to host. It will be pot luck yet I'm making waffles and fratata . Don't let my nerves get you, I'm a slamming good cook. My mom was concerned you looking in my fridge today. " Do you only eat Hummus ? "  I told her that I'd pick up what was needed today at the market. " You're not going to serve people string cheese , carrots and hummus ?"  She was a little concerned by my lack of things in the fridge. I have friends over for dinner all the time. Yet entertaining for your family the bar is a little higher.  I have already set the table set up everything to go. What the comfort of you're family is everything conceivable if it goes wrong. They will assemble like a team of Aunties. We will end up with comical stories to re hash at the next event.  So I've been entrusted with music duties for this special day. I don't see why because everyone will be talking. My mom a child of the 1940's wants a mix of Glen Miller, Elvis, The Beatles, Lucino Pavaratti , Andrea Bocelli , Bon Jovi . Yes I didn't get that last one wrong. She is in love with Jon BonJovi , yet when I played his albums as a teen. That was just noise that I was told to turn down. She read a magazine article about him in People magazine 7 years ago. Well from that day forward it was all about BonJovi. " BonJovi sets his tour around his kids school schedule" . "Does Duran Duran have a soup kitchen like BonJovi ?" I will not go on extolling the virtues of one called Bonjovi. Though I gave her all my CD's a couple of years ago. So keep your fingers crossed that I am able to pull off brunch. I will make sure to wear my hair curly not straight the way she likes. I will take down the art that disturbs her. Most of all I will love and Thank my Mommy for just being the most strong Independent women a girl could look up to . My mom reads the blog so in conclusion Happy Birthday Mom !!  ( also Happy Fathers Day Mom )  Here is one of your favorite Bonjovi tunes

 This is the one she rocks out too

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