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Joyeux Anniversaire 37 Years Old

I usually do a birthday post every year. I use it as a bench mark of sorts to look back on my life. What I realized that " Birthdays are gifts , not a promise " I had two people near and dear to me pass this year. I was instantly changed by this. I don't want to make this post a somber one. I decided to celebrate a fabulous 36th year on this earth. I had allot of fabulous things happen too me this year. One surprising thing is I realized that I really liked the women I am becoming. My niece has helped me realize this the most. The way she asks me questions only a 4 year old can. This time in life I have most of the answers. I helped her get over her fear of bugs by teaching her about the ant colony in her yard. It is funny for the ants must think there in ant heaven. She now leaves them food outside there ant hole. Her mom texted me a a picture of a piece of bread outside the nest.
My nieces ants eating a fruity pebble

I've been sharing allot on this blog in the past month. I am surprised by this though I fought it then I though well this must be a creative thing I'm going through. My way of looking at things is sometimes you share things. You help someone else going through the same thing. I feel like Im getting my sassy geeky ways back. Though I will see this through so without further some great things that happened in my 36th year of life

  • I got over my fear of youtube videos . I'm not Felini though this was a big fear.This was my favorite  

  • My face painting was chosen to be on tour with Duran Duran ( I'll never get tired of that ) 

  • Traveled to NYC two times this year . This is a big deal too me .

  • Duran Duran retweeted our blog post on Concert Fashion Fun ( I never thought it would ever happen ) 
  • Spent quality time connecting with my family. 
  • Took an interview with a magazine about this blog. I'll tweet it when it comes out. 
  • Jemma Kidd did an exclusive interview with us . 
I just want to say Thanks as always for reading and loving the geek I am . Despite my artistic crisis in all . I appreciate being a part of my Duranie family. You all support my blog . With all of you is where I belong.

Michael Franti is such a wonderful artist and guy . One of those songs when you have a rough day sets it right. When want to simply just dance your arse off works equally as well. I'm singing ((( ALL THE FREAKY PEOPLE MAKE THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD ))

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