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What is Eurovision ?

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Picture via : Twitter  Jedward : What are they wearing? They look like the
Ziggy Stardust twins . I will admit they are adorable  

    Being a pop culture geek it seems really odd , how did something like Eurovision escape me? Last year I logged into twitter noticed Duran Duran's front man Simon Lebon tweeting about Eurovision. So I found the live stream and joined in. I will tell you that if Simon is tweeting during an award show. Even if your not a Duran Duran fan you need to follow him. His commentary is really like nothing you ever read. He tells it like it is , with a touch of irreverent wit. You have to laugh most likely you were thinking it too.  Even public figures such as Piers Morgan retweet him. Enough about Simon lets talk about Eurovision.
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image via Twitter 

What is Euro Vision ?
Euro Vision Song Contest is a competition held annually consisting of the European Broadcasting Union ( EBU)  Each member of a country submits a song to be performed on live television. Then votes are cast too determine the best dong of the cometition, Eurovision is one of the most watched non sporting events internationally. Since 2000 the show has been available on the internet. Would you like too know that ABBA were once Eurovision contestants. Well you'll see at the end of the post why this is a bit cathartic. This was two years before I was a twinkle in my moms eye.

What I love about Euro Vision .

I love the fact that you have established artists and new artists. Everyone from Englebert Humperdinck who represented the United Kingdom. Then you have this act from Russia which for me is a prime example of what Eurovision is all about. You have to see it too believe it , let you know I love these women. I am buying this song on itunes.

 There is a  boy band favorite on Eurovision. Jedward seems to be one of those acts that came into the mainstream. What on earth are those poor boys wearing ??? This is why we love Eurovision it is just fun.

 How do they vote for a winner?

 This part I really didn't understand at first. So I took this excerpt from wikipedia
"Historically, a country's set of votes was decided by an internal jury, but in 1997 five countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom) experimented with televoting, giving members of the public in those countries the opportunity to vote en-masse for their favourite songs. The experiment was a success, and from 1998 onwards all countries were encouraged to use televoting wherever possible. Back-up juries are still utilised by each country, in the event of a televoting failure. Nowadays members of the public may also vote by SMS, in addition to televoting." ( via wikipedia)

Honestly there is so much more to Eurovision this is a brief look at this contest. I decided next year we will do a more indepth coverage. A friend of mine on Facebook said that the best way to understand Eurovision is to just go with the flow. You should just have a good time in all honestly . I have been blessed to make friends from all over the world from twitter. Its cool to feel like we are all hanging in my living room. Cheering on our favs and in just going with the flow So who won ....Sweden check it out .

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