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Trash Talk : Pompeii Italy

A famous painting found in the recently discovered Villa Dei Misteri in Pompeii via Stock.xchng

Why am I doing a post on Pompeii ? Well actually this post was the result of a readers question. She asked me if I knew of any topics that were sure fire conversation starters.  I have three that never failed me . So I will share all of  them with you see if they work. I'm going to do this post in three parts.  I find most people have a common knowledge of these topics . I know we have been doing some different kinds of posts here lately. I'm trying to bust out of my comfort zone. Share more of my own inspiration. Don't worry I got a really quirky one coming soon . Id like to thank the reader for asking this question. It was interesting to do this post really very different .

"Pompeii was lost for nearly 1700 years before its accidental rediscovery in 1749. Since then, its excavation has provided an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city during the Pax Romana. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy, with approximately 2,500,000 visitors every year." ( via Wikipedia) 


Well especially now is Pompeii a great conversation starter. Archaeologists are finding new buildings and artifacts all the time. There is an exhibit touring the world right now. Displaying actual artifacts and casts of the stone people of Pompeii. I find that this topic is a really great way to shift the convo to crazy natural disasters of today. If you think about it a disaster of Pompeii proportions would it have the same numbers of casualties today. Then think about it would it ? It's a great way to get people talking and speculating. Most important its really interesting.  Just think talking about Pompeii you talk about class, sex , death, natural disaster almost like an episode of CSI AD 

 I've provided a youtube with the basics of Pompeii. If you already know the ways of Pompeii this has some new discoveries. I know it is 58 minutes just breeze through it at your leisure. The host is down to earth tells it like it is . This isn't stuffy at all . One of my favorite Pompeii documentaries.

Another slice of Pop Culture you may want to infuse in convo is the 1984 ABC movie adapted from the novel of the the same name . Honestly for the hair and makeup alone. I remember watching this when I was a kid . I miss the art of the mini series. I just love the opening music most of all its like you know something good is coming .

  I sent this post to a close friend who suggested dividing it up due to the duration of the video alone. So what geeky subject fascinates you ? Any sure fire conversation starters you'd like too suggest?

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