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New Years Hangover Beauty Tips

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I suspect some of my beauties had allot of fun on New Years Eve. The bunch of sassy social butterflies you are. If your champagne fountain flowth over , the result being a pounding headache. While you lay on your couch trying to recall the fabulous evening you had. You may want to try some of these beauty products that may put a spring in your step.  You can also use some of these tips or products for sleepless nights also. I've used them when I get bouts of insomnia . I just thought since its New Years the Hangover twist would be fun. I've put my champagne glasses into retirement this year. Though I've known the pain of the hangover.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst, In Shower facial
When I first saw this line via the commercial , it made me laugh. I felt there was a tongue and check marketing agenda. If your out all night getting your drink on, you don't have to look like it.  I was intrigued . Im in my 30's and love there facial cleanser here is some info on it .

- Made with Ginseng, citrus, natural fruit extracts, Micro-beads help exfoliate away dead skin cells while a combination of moisturizers help hydrate skin, leaving your face feeling clean, smooth, and totally awake.
( I like the product , I don’t get anything from the folks at Clean and Clear for the mention )  You have been reading this blog long enough to know. We don’t get anything from anyone.

Champange Facial Masks
I don’t know how much this will help your hangover. It will most likely help you get rid of the remaining bottles of champagne. Sometimes they say a little of the hair of the dog that bit you. Where dose that phrase come from anyway. Give it a try it’s a new year. I'm always telling you to put food and drink on your face these days.
E-How's Contributing writer Hiedi Braley , gives you the ingredients , application process.
There is something so relaxing about applying a facial mask. It means you can have a little down-time when you can sit back and enjoy doing nothing for a few minutes while your face gets rejuvenated. There are many products on the market but when you read the labels on them, there are a lot of ingredients you are not sure you want to have soaking into your skin. Make your own facial mask, with just a few of the best ingredients, so you can indulge your face without concern.
The Rest of Hiedi's article can be read at
                                               Hangover Makeup 
Makeup artist Gia Mills shares some of her tips on how to disguise a hangover. These tips are also great if you had a sleepless night. My friend used hangover makeup, when she was up night after night with her newborn. I think one of the best gifts to tired women is white eyeliner its a miracle that's all I'm saying. You might find the products she uses to be on the high end. You can always switch them out for more cost friendly alternatives. She is going to stress that you look natural. Which I agree with if you pile on the makeup your apt to look more tired and run down. 

So here are three ways you can use even if you aren't hungover . To bring you into the new year fresh as a daisy. Yours truly has a Twilight Zone Hangover from watching it on SYFY all night. If everything else fails a big greesy diner breakfast , eye cream & of course like my Tam says " A latte bigger than your head" Should get you going . The best thing you can do to avoid a hangover is to drink responsibly or not at all. I know something at always perks me up . Why some Duran Duran but of course.

I must say Ive wanted a red dress since I saw this performance ! Ana rocks it !

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