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Lizard Queen Winter Skin Tips

Duran Duran Inspired Lizard Queen Makeup Look ( Union of the Snake -  

Most of the country is finding itself in a deep freeze or a heat wave. In my corner of the world its very cold. I cant stress how important it is to take care of your skin this time of year. I’ve posted this info before think its good to have a refresher of course. As start a new year lets protect and preserve our skin. Though we are all Lizard Queens here we surely don't want our skin to look reptilian.

No Lizard Skin for you 
Face and Décolleté:  Cleanse and tone moisturize 2x a day as usual. Exfoliate usually about 3x a week. Use your regular products. If your feel your skin may be dryer in the winter a switch up of products may be needed. Allot of skin types change with the seasons. I would also recommend using a mask at least twice a week. As always when you apply product do it in upward and outward motions. Face, Neck and Décolleté ladies!

Hands : Please for the love of all things winter . Wear gloves this will help your hands more than any lotion , potion or notion. Use a soothing healing lotion on your hands. Id say my three picks are Eucerin , Vaseline Intensive Care, Aveeno Oat meal. As much as I love smelly girly lotions they usually can be drying causing you to use more. So stick with the classics.

Lips : Aquaphor / Raw Sugar ( brown packets)
At night take some sugar in the raw and aquaphor. I crush the sugar in the raw using the bottom of a bottle or canister while its in the packet. Add to a dime size amount of aquaphor. Apply it on your lips circle motions. You may even want to use a soft bristle tooth brush. After take a very warm face cloth rung out. Let it steam on your lips for a little bit. Then gently remove the dead skin and product from your lips. Apply aquaphor on before you sleep to protect your lips.

Body: After shower or bath apply lotion head to toe. Your pores will be open an will receive the moisture gladly. I would say stick with body butters, baby lotion, balms. Remember to exfoliate that flaky skin at least three times a week between shaving. Done at the same time can irritate your skin. When I was in Seattle I went to LUSH an got this bar called Buffy. Seriously I'm in love an it exfoliates an moisturizes your skin. ( I did not receive payment or product . I just love it )

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