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Saying it With Nail Art

Photo via / Huffington Press

 I hadn't wanted to add to the whole saturation of this story. Then yet I had my very own nail appointment Friday.  I can think of many times, I would have liked and expletive on my nail .

Using beauty products or fashion to send a message isn't a new idea. Suffragette's protested wearing blazing red lipstick for the right to vote.  Some celebrity Obama supporters wore his likeness on there nails during the most recent presidential election. Never did an airbrush message capture so much attention. I duly note that her message wasn't in politic protest .Nor do I support the any disrespect of the United States court system.   I asked a  my nail tech/artist what she thought about Nailgate.

Rhianna's Obama Nail Art /Photo via Posh 24

Q: Have you been doing allot nail art since the Lindsay Lohan nail gate happened ?
A: Not since Katy Perry started wearing nail art have we had so many requests.

Q: What are clients asking you to write ?
A: Most popular is "fxxk you" Though if they are under 18 a parent has to okay it .
" I'm with him" "single" "spoiled girl"  " bitch"  "Team Edward" "geek lover"

Q: What do you think of Nail Gate ?
A: Its been a hot topic here . Everyone said someone in her circle should have urged her not to do that. I know as a mom with a daughter around her age.I hope, that she takes this experience gets on the right track. Finds some peace in her life. ( well said and I agree

Q: Do you love reading Pop Trash Beauty.
A: Yes we do ! We especially like the post about how you set a pedicure schedule by geographic location. ( March Comes In Like A Lion , Out With Some Glam) One thing I don't think people get is how truly funny you are . (it's funny what a  tip & Dunkin Donuts iced coffee can make people say)

I'd like to thank my nail artist Kel for taking her time to talk to Pop Trash Beauty. Id also like a twitter friend  for suggesting this topic.  I didn't get an expletive on my nail just a nice opi teal color . I have a couple things coming up where nail art isn't exactly appropriate . The teal is actually pushing it . So what secret message would you put , on your nail ?

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