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Coffee Buzzed Contemplating Life

Frankly while contemplating my life , I dont know what fricken path or rabbit hole ,I have fallen down . Nothing makes sense anymore to me . Things I thought I knew have all been turned upside down. I will ride this wave , fight kick and scream if I have to. " Faith" has been at the core of keeping it together . I love meteaphors as you can tell. I dont know if this came from a movie or book . Faith is knowing that Effile Tower is there .Even though you dont see it you know its there. So I took my little picture of the Effile tower and put it on my journal . I look at each day faith , have faith , I say under my breath . Ever feel like your striving to acomplish somthing yet you dont what it is . Every little thing you are doing is a stepping stone to this thing . Everytime I give up and say thats it . Doors open and I have no choice but to push forward . Though I get tired some how yearn for normality with 2 and a half baths . So here at 2:30 am listening to music getting lost in the melody and lyrics. Sipping on a coffee that I should not be drinking . Trying to make sense of this nonsense called my life . Earlier I was looking at a book of FairyTales from when , I was little . Its an older one so its the scary dark type of fairy tale book. Where the happy ending in some of the stories is open ended. I guess people say that you choose your on destiny . ( I hope to god , I am not about to quote Natasha Beddingfield ) Somtimes I think maybe were not supposed to understand any of it . So I'll keep knowing there is a Effile tower . When I finally see it . You know as the tour guide or my newly aquired french lover snaps a picture of me in front of it . I'll be saying I knew it ! ( there is no french lover , just putting it out there ) lol As always thanks for reading .

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Pop Trash Beauties Summer 2017 Bucket List

Ive heard some folks mention a summer bucket list. So I've compiled one for myself! If I do two of these things I will be super excited. 

1. Go to the Ocean . I live 35 minutes away no excuse. Its been 3 years since Ive been to the beach. 
2. Harry Potter  Ive not read the series this summer , I thought it would be at least cook to get the first two knocked off. 
3. Quirky Day Trip  Ive always wanted to pick one of those quirky bus day trips. Just check out something new Ive not experienced before. 
5. Live Music Ive not gone all summer . Vans Warp Tour is coming through 
6. Instagram Bagel  This is in the way of pop culture a internet dinosaur. Though I think that we need to investigate the internet bagel
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Clensing ( washing your face )   Cleansers : Cethaphil , Phisoderm, 
Splash warm water on your faceDispense product on your palmWith your finger tips , use upward and outward motions to apply product Once you scrubed your face . rinse it away with warm waterTake a towel and pat face dry 

Toner : Is debated in the beauty industry, I personally think it does a great job getting rid of excess dirt and restoring PH balance in your skin. If you want to skip it , Ill leave it up to you . Burts Bee's Toner ,witch hazel are my favorites though what you have on hand is good.
Wet a cotton ball with warm waterapply toner to cotton ball Using upward and outward motions Avoid eye contact 
Exfoliate : This is extremly important , you only have to do it 2x's a week. Since you shave it is a form of exfoliation your doing it already . Exfoliation is extremly important.  St Ives Apricot Scrub is my favorite  wet your face with warm water Take a quarter size amout of product apply it too yout finger tip…

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