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Pink Sweater Girls Attack ..( 2009 Rewind Post )

( This was one of my earlier posts of 2009 that I didn't post. I was going through my drafts found it a little entertaining ) 

I couldn't think of what to name this post, I wanted to go with the 1950's ,B-Horror Movie Theme. A random blog about my Tuesday. I've been finding as of lately . I didn't want to confine this blog to just beauty and makeup. Have it be compilation of pop culture, my life , art , music , geekery .etc . In not particular order. I've not been sleeping very well . Getting swept up in the holiday stuff. Today I went to target to get a few last minute stocking stuffers. Lets just say Santa may put me on the naughty list . For my #itchy attitude . I think after the 3rd shopping cart rammed into my back. I wasn't going to take it anymore. I knew what I needed to get and by cranky , I was going to get it. I got into with a lady over a orange stainless steel cat dish for 7.95.

Janet Leigh : Photo Via

I won that battle it was the last one , it was in my cart . So I decided to jump into an isle to take a deep breath and frankly get over myself . I saw cat dish lady in the next isle and smiled at her. I offered it to her , she said no thanks. Then we talked about how this time of year makes you absolutely nuts. We hugged even. Even joking that people needed not to mess with us lmao. I came home and made dinner , watched a Nova special on Darwin.
Sipped on some Cinnamon Stickbunn coffee while listening to some music Lady Gaga, Muse , Duran Duran & Bat For Lashes mostly. In the past year I've become on the verge of obsession with 1950-early 1960's fashion, burlesque, pinup girl looks . Also Coronet educational films witch just make me laugh. Sometimes I look at the simplicity of them and think. How complicated the world has beacome. Maybe its nice to get swell with Kiki and Buzz for 10 minutes. Right now its 1 am , Once again I'll be at the mercy of the Coffee and eye cream. My apartment is quite and chilly. My cat is laying on my desk supervising this entry. We have some really Trashy things coming up this week, Social Distortion , B-Horror and Sci Fi Mavens makeup,Artists Muses with real bodies, I enjoyed this little space heater side chat. Have a Blessed and happy humpday. Hugs xoxo

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