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Creepy Dolls That Eat Barbies .

Creepy Dolls That Eat Barbies

While trolling around the Internet , in the wee hours of the morning. I keep stumbling on these creepy dolls. Which I love seeing , that I was the kid who actually wanted the toys. That lived on the Island of Misfit Toys. Being a misfit most of my life I tend to rotate to the avante guard . I was also inspired by the Tim Burton Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art . Which I cant wait to see. I'll post that info on this blog . I think it is a must see . What I like about these dolls indeed they may , be able to kick Barbies ass or perhaps make her dream house into a house of horrors . Insomnia is not pretty as you can see . At work I think I resemble these dolls with out further ramble . Creepy Dolls to love .

Creepy Dolls by NewAgeDolls

Handmade Dolls by Jade Perez

I love Jade's site truly creative , even though the dolls are creep . They seem to be cute and remind you people you see out and about everyday. Whats gets me is the attention to detail especially in the eyes .She even makes jewelry that would definitely be nothing like , what any of your friends are sporting .

Helvetica, hungry as hell... Festive Dead Xmas Ornament Zombie from Woodedwoods

She would make rather an interesting stocking stuffer lol

Blyth Dolls
Before I wrote this blog post . They are so creepy in a weirdway its the eyes for sure . Almost reminds me of those 1960's Keane paintings . Here are an example of a couple . Its amazing the ways people artistically enhance them. If you google images youll be amazed at the cult following these big eyed creepy gals have.

So There you have it a very small segment of the creepy doll genre. I think Barbie should be very afraid .

Tim Burton Exibit @MOMA Information
 November 18, 2009–April 26, 2010

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