Friday, November 21, 2014

Julian Lennon Everything Changes Signed Box Set (Review)

Julian Lennon Everything Changes Signed Box Set (Review)

Julian Lennon Photographer/Philanthropist/Musician has release the Everything Changed Signed Box Set. I was very fortunate to have a sweet friend gift it to me for Christmas. When I opened the box set it becomes immediately apparent Lennon’s meticulous attention to detail, in his assembling this multimedia feast for the music geeks soul. 

The beautifully bound booklet houses the box set. Each section is gorgeously illustrated.   When I went to play the vinyl record seemed almost like sacrilege taking sliding out of its sleeve. Vinyl is meant to be played, Everything Changes sounds killer in all the right ways on vinyl. The Butterfly artwork throughout the box set is gorgeous. Each with its own theme, I see something different every time in the butterfly illustrations. The acoustic version of the album is gorgeous in sound and quality. 

The DVD is rich with interviews, music videos including the documentary called Through the Picture Window. The documentary really ties in all the facets of this box set in my opinion.

 When you visit he gives you the opportunity to Preview the set via a  Virtual Book   Which walks you through the box set via a slide show. 

"Behind Julian's music I discovered a story that's never quite been told; of constant collaboration, quiet perfectionism, fierce loyalty, frustration and sabotage then humble brilliance, and the steady facing down of mis-conceptions, of which there are many"
-Dick Caruthers  ( Quote via )

My conclusion is that even though you may think this box set is a bit pricey Julian Lennon gives you a lot of value for your money. Including the fact it is hand signed its amazing. I recommend this set for all my fellow music geeks out there. This truly will keep you happy for years to come.