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Plus Size Fashion for Fall ( That Id Actually Wear )


Well since gaining a lot of weight over the winter and spring. At this time last year I was graduating from plus sizes into " normal sizes " as they are called. I am in the process of shedding the fluff , you have to love yourself as you are now. I was in denial all summer about my expanding waistline. So I wore boyfriend jeans, capris, shorts . I only had three pairs of pants that still fit other than the beautiful Cynthia Rowley palazzo pants and black dress I purchased. I've been too depressed to shop for a bigger size in which I need. So I bit the bullet an pulled out my larger sizes out of the closet. Though you have to love yourself as you are NOW !  So I had to embrace my own mantra wholeheartedly.
 I've set up a pinterest board for those of us curvy divas. This board also has a body type chart that will give you some ideas of how to fit your body. Honestly just cause something comes in plus size doesn't mean it will look good on you. You must try things on if you need a size up, who cares. You want to look your best so if your a 14 and the designer/brand looks better on you as a 16 go for it. I've looked horrible trying to squish into things that were way to small. When I went a size up it actually made me look smaller and I was able to breath , drink liquids and walk like normal person.

This is the Pinterest board

My Tips

  • Don't hide in fabric , this makes you look bigger than you are. Find your assets and show them off don't hide. 
  • Belts worn right can really be your friend. It takes away the focus of your belly gives you a shape. I was belt phobic for a long time. 
  • I would say this to a women of any size. Buy new underwear when needed. Get measured for a proper fitting bra even invest in spanx. I sometimes wear a full body girdle for the back support. These are not your grammie's girdle a lot of them are actually comfortable can be worn all day. If your blessed in the chest get a sports bra for workouts. I went to the gym for a week without one let's just say it was awkward.
  • Also this is advice Id tell all sizes. When shopping online measure yourself don't guess or you'll be sending it back. Try to find models or bloggers about your size to see how the style "really " looks 
  • Monkey Butt Powder the name is not flattering but this stuff really is an overweight womens dream. It is nice smelling unlike those medicated  powders. You should use it under your belly and breasts this wards off irritation and other not so flattering things catch my drift. Also great in your sneakers. 
Try it on ! Try it on ! Try it on !  When you're shopping make sure to try it on ! Nothing is more heart breaking then bringing something home and not having it fit. All brands size different so be on the safe side.
I'll have more tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best. One thing I will tell you when you feel good about how you look. People notice the confidence first over anything else.

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