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How to Buy Vintage Without Bed Bugs

When I was a little girl. My mom would say "Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" . When I asked her she told me bed bugs didn't exist anymore. They were an epidemic of the past . Little did she know that bed bugs are back at epidemic proportions. I don't know about you I'm now itching. This post is reminiscent of our Lice Fashion DNA post . Well I partake in vintage shopping quite a bit. I have to tell you that no store is immune to bed bugs. I asked around , surfed the net here are some preventative measures you can take. Most retail outfits are mindful of these creepy critters . Though having your antenna out will go a long way. Lets kick it off with a youtube about bed bugs.

So what we have learned from this video. I chose it because it was the least scary. How does this apply to vintage clothes.

1. Don't leave bags on the floor when possible. Especially if you ride public transit.
2. When you get your purchases home inspect them. Take them into the bathroom tile is your best bet. examine the seams and material for anyrhing suspicious .
3. Wash and dry on high heat
4. Keep your eyes open for bed bug skin casings . May look like crumbs .
5. If you have them call a professional. Don't mess around with these critters.

Everyone Ive talked too about bed bugs say the same things. Keep your eyes open and be aware of what you bring into your home. This isn't good with just vintage actually any purchase. Well I received emails asking me to talk about the bed bugs. Hope it was helpful a little itchy information for you. Next post will be allot less lets just say it yucky.

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