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Body Image Post : Tanorexia

    Skin cancer prevention has shed a light on the dangers of Tanning for vanity. Most of us visit a tanning salon once in while. In preparation for a trip to a warmer climate. When it goes from casual use to a full blown illness .this is called Tanorexia. Its a real disorder to its suffers it all too real. Just like Anorexia where the mind plays tricks on you, making you think your obese when your thin. Taxnorexics never think there dark enough Thinking they are pale an unhealthy looking they go to the tanning salon to get there fix.This could bring on an early cancer onset leading to death. The BBC did a great series called Tantastic where they talk to a tanorexic named Mandy she is 34 has spent 33,000 pounds to maintain her dark tan. Take a look at her segment.

The Dr.Oz Show covered Tanorexia here are some of his tips for recovery.

Dr. Oz’s Healthy Sun Worship Plan for Tanorexics:

1. Repair & Rework Your Tan

Use Bronzer Makeup and Self-Tanning Lotion to keep your color, but without the health risks of skin cancer.

2. Limit Unprotected Sunbathing to 20 Minutes a Day
You can sit in the sun without sunscreen, but only for 20 minutes a day. After 20 minutes, you must put on sun screen.

3. Be a Sunscreen Snob
The best sunscreen has zinc oxide and the second best sunscreens have titanium oxide. Zinc Oxide protects you from ultra-violet A and ultraviolet b rays and does not get absorbed into your body. Another great tip from Dr Oz is to get a Sun Monitoring Wristbands or Sun Bracelets, which is basically a Sunblock Bracelet that you apply sunscreen to at the same time that you apply sunblock to yourself, and then it changes colors when you need to re-apply your sunblock. Dr. Arthur Perry said that sunblock really needs to be re-applied every hour

This list is via the Dr.Oz website to read the article in full. Dr.Oz Tanorexia Article

Learn the ABCDE's of Skin Cancer

A. Asymmetry

This is where you mentally divide the mole or lesion in half, you should see that both sides are pretty much identical. In skin cancer you may find that one half does not look the same as the other half.

B. Border irregularity.

In a normal mole you should see that the edges are smooth and regular, but with skin cancer you may find that the edges of the mole appear to be ragged, notched, or fades into your normal skin pigment without any distinct border.

C. Color.

The color (pigmentation) on a normal mole should be uniform. Be on the lookout for color in a mole that is not uniform. Especially if shades of tan, brown, or black are present. Sometimes a mole with have patches that may be red, white, and even blue often add to a mottled appearance and should lead you to discuss the moles with your doctor ASAP.

D. Diameter.

The size of the mole may be your best determiner as to what could be cancerous and in need of further evaluation. Any mole that is greater than 1/4 inch (6 mm) in diameter or about the size of a pencil eraser should be considered suspect. Any growth of a mole should be evaluated as moles should not increase in size over time.

E. Evolution

A normal mole will remain the same over time, neither shrinking or enlarging, but if there is a change in the size or shape of a mole it should be brought to the attention of your doctor or dermatologist.

Unusual symptoms such as itching or tenderness or bleeding must be immediately brought to the attention of your doctor ASAP

As always if you think you may have Tanorexia please contact your physician. Your physician can refer you to professionals that can help you .

So what do you think of Tanorexia ?

NOTE : Our Series on Duran Duran makeup Inspiration will continue. Its not over stay tunned .

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