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Socially Distorted Body Image

As many of you know how even though I despise Inside Edition especially for the Tiger Woods coverage.I watch it like its a train wreck knowing as a smart women , I shouldn't yet its on after the news and I find myself watching. Gerard Butler was featured tonight . They showed a picture of him on his recent holiday. Showing a little bit of a belly , Compared to his body in the movie 300. Making a remark that he should skip dessert . Im not a huge fan of Gerard Butler who is having a meltdown. I am disturbed with the message that segments like this do send out to young men and women in the world . They didnt care to mention that Butler who has openly said he dosent sport the body of his 300 charactor  in his real life , So Ive posted an interview he did with Mens Heath  right out of the gate what does he say and I quote " I generally train for roles" 

Butler makes no claim that he maintains his 300 body. That isn’t covered in the Inside Edition piece just snarky comments about his belly. We have such a distorted sense of body image in society. Kristie Alley , Jessica Simpson , Kelly Clarkson , Tyra Banks are just a few of the other celebs that have taken flack at the hands of the media . Tyra Banks fighting back when a picture of her in a bathing suit was distorted. Jessica Simpson having a cartoon made about her curvy look at the time. Kristie Alley where do I begin. When I went on a tour of NBC studios in Burbank. They had a display of some of Jay Leno's props. One of them being Kristie Alley's Lunch box. It was bigger than life lunch box, ultimately a jab at her weight. So why take up for a bunch of rich celebrities. Why? I do because it filters down to us and our children. Things need to change we are raising a generation who's image of what they are supposed to look like is just egregious and unrealistic. Only 5% of the world looks like the Standard that entertainment industry has put out there. I have been working on a more in-depth blog post on this subject. I have been doing allot of reading and interviewing eating disorder specialists. I’ve learned allot doing the research. It will be posted in the month and will be worth the wait.

Note: This is a subject very close to me . Over the past two years , I’ve lost 90lbs . Struggled with my own body image most of my life . I remember saying to a friend “ I didn’t know , I was ugly till junior high “ the names I was called had me in tears . High School it got worse then I started in my 20’s doing it to myself. I didn’t need the bully’s any longer . My own internal dialogue could do more than any person. Before I got into makeup . Which was late in my 30’s . You’d think this would fuel the fire . It didn’t I got a understanding of self . How to help others feel better about themselves. I saw what went into constructing that image women think they need to obtain .Knowing with the exception a a few genetically blessed few. No one and I mean it gets out of bed looking camera ready. When I lived in Arizona my sister helped me begin with in helping truly embody what I was feeling . She said to Begin Within . It’s a powerful two words huh. As I said before we are only scratching the surface on this one

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