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Paging Dr. Marten ... Laces have come undone STAT ! (REPOST)

First Id like to say , this brand in my eyes has been. An Icon from its first inception in 1960. When a man with an invention for soles that walked like air answered the advertisement for a established English shoe business. Together they took the risk. Born was the Dr.Martens Air Wair , Knick named Doc martens or just Doc's . They also don't define themselves as a brand at all.

"The problem with 'brands' is that they dictate. They might offer the must-have item of the season, but they design it, shape it, form it and sell it. You have no say, other than handing over your money. Look at the word: 'brand'. That's what they do to cattle" ((Dr. Martens History by Martin Roach )

Another testimony to why Doc's are a staple in the wardrobe. It would almost be blasphemy to call them a trend.  a good quality product with a loyal cult following. This is indeed in my book a classic. I have taken an exerpt from there website. It makes you feel inspired frankly want to kick some arse in a strange way.

  "Skinheads were the first subculture to adopt the boot in the early 1960s, spilling out of the East End of London, then across Britain and the world; initially non-racist and obsessive about their fashion, by the time the skinhead movement was corrupted with elements of right-wing extremism, Dr. Martens had already morphed into a torchbearer for a brave new world.

The late 1960s and 1970s saw the boot adopted by - not thrust upon - nearly all the 'tribes': Mods, glam, punks, ska, psychobillies, grebos, Goths, industrialists, nu-metal, hardcore, straight-edge, grunge, Britpop...
Then pop started to eat itself.
The internet spread like an epidemic, reaching fifty million users in eighteen months - a feat that took radio forty years. The first mobile phone text was sent in 1992; within three years, email was like oxygen. Everything had changed.
There were no tribes anymore. At least, "not like they used to make 'em."

You don't see one tribe fighting another anymore, a haircut does not define a person to four albums by three bands.

The tribe is down to one person.

A one-man army. "  (Dr. Martens History by Martin Roach )

Untangling the Lace Myth
For those of you that remember there were allot of color lace myths and meanings.  When I was a kid they used to say that Purple = Black  you had committed some unspeakable evil , if you should see a character wearing that combo. Never look them in the eye and run like hell. When I was doing this post depending on. The lace symbolism came down to these factors location, music, age. I asked my friends in many different locations and honestly they were all different. Most of them were urban legend or are they ?  It just ended up being one tangled mess. Let us know your color lace symbolism.  

Doc Martens Air Wair turns 50 this year . This spring they are coming out with some new looks  for 2010 , I've posted the link to a gallery on   From the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas, that shows Dr.Martins is only getting better with age. The metalics , florals ,hot color metalics ,  Are sure to shake away those winter blues. Im going to dance now in my Doc Martens to a young ones tune. Somthing about a man in his doc's makes my heart flutter .

NOTE : You requested a repost you got it , one of my favorites enjoy !

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