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Debra Macki Celebrity MUA For The Yellow Umbrella

Celebrity makeup artist Debra Macki has joined forces with the Yellow, to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Widely known and respected in the makeup industry worldwide. She can list such major celebrities as Rhianna and Al Gore to her long client list. Debra also has a very successful makeup line.

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The Yellow Umbrella was started by Christine Baze. Who at 31 was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer she fought the fight through a gauntlet of surgeries, chemo, brachytheoraphy, radiation. She won the fight! She decided to use her talents as a singer and songwriter to educate and empower women. To prevent cervical cancer. Through a benefit she called Pop Smear. She spread the word and got women talking and educating one another about cervical cancer and HPV. 100 tour dates later she called it The Yellow Umbrella Tour. Spreading the word that cervical cancer is preventable. She has reached out to communities with her music and education. For more about The Yellow Umbrella and upcoming tour dates go to

Debra Macki Celebrity Makeup Artist designed a three color eye shadow palette to benefit the The Yellow Umbrella. (Here is a description and Pic via ) you can also purchase the palette there. Sells for 38.00 proceeds 80% of them will go to The Yellow Umbrella

The highly pigmented shadows are designed with mineral pigments and are fragrance, talc, and paraben free. The beautiful colors were inspired by monaco are designed to withstand the flashing lights of the papa razzi. You'll love this ultra chic formula and staying power whether you're a soccer mom or a fashion model.
Colors: nude shimmer, plum, purple/blue sparkle

Note: Debra Macki was my makeup teacher , talented , sassy and real is the words that come to mind.
Basic Info on Testing :
A word about Pap tests and other screening procedures: Although knowing the symptoms cancer can cause is important, nothing can substitute for the screening tests we have available: the annual pelvic exam, which should include the Pap test, bimanual exam, and recto-vaginal exam. These tests have the potential to detect cancer before it causes symptoms. Women at high risk for certain cancers may be advised to have other screening procedures, such as a transvaginal ultrasound test or CA 125 blood test.

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