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Proper Sanitary Procedures , Makeup Applications & Waxing

During the holiday time. Allot of us splurge on beauty treatments that we normally don't. Either a makeover at your favorite makeup counter before a holiday party , or perhaps a brow beautification. Being a licenced Esthetician and Makeup Artist . I can spot poorly kept stations a mile away so here are some tips. To keep you beautiful and healthy this holiday season .

First off your Beauty Advisor should ask you about any allergies you may have. Not all are required too but I find your most professional will .

  • They should sanitize there hands before touching your face or product. Make sure they sanitize every time they leave you in between each process.
  • Product should be removed from container with spatula preferably.They can use cue tips . Not there fingers . Even eyeshadow should be scraped and placed on pallet ,paper etc. I will now list below what should be on the tray for a proper clean application
  • Two disposable mascara wands one for each eye this helps prevent the spread of germs. If they double dip the product should be thrown away.
  • eye shadow wands one for each eye same protocol as the mascara wands . If a brush is being used . needs to be sanitized and cleaned prior and after use .
  • Lips - Lip product must be , scraped off of tube . Gloss must also be removed from container. Disposable lip brushes should be used . No kisses will you get under the mistletoe with cold sore 
  • Hands must be sanitized between each procedure and trash discarded immediately.

Waxing in Salons

 Esthetician or Cosmetology licences should be out in plain sight . Or furnished upon your request . In State Massachusetts . They must be visible at work station . A good tech will take a brief history with you. Allergies , skin conditions . cosmetic procedures, etc. If a place looks dirty it most likely is so just leave .

  • If there is a table , paper should be down just like the kind in your doctors office . There may be a sheet make sure that it is changed between each client.

  • Tech should be wearing gloves , this is for your protection .  They should sanitize there hands before placing the gloves on .
  • Tools you will see Wax pot , wooden sticks , tweezers ,scissors , sanitising spray,  baby oil , antiseptic lotions
  • The Tech should be able to explain to you all sanitizing procedure , clearly without hesitation.
Wax Pot
Should be clean , no excessive drippings on the side. There are cleaners that are used . Waxing is a messy  business , There is no excuse for that wax pot not to be clean.

Double Dipping
 Once a stick (applicator) has been placed into product and touched your skin, it should be thrown away. The stick should never put back into a pot of wax or sugaring paste because it could contaminate the product, and then infect clients , Tools that can be sanitized such as tweezers and scissors , should not be placed back were they got them. It means there not being sanitized . I have a tray where I place my items after use. After client , I bring them to the sanitizing station and get them ready for the next .

So please be safe and aware . Some women let things go cause they don't want to be "bitchy" . Its not being bitching its taking charge of your health.  Just remember your beautiful no matter what. If you choose to partake this holiday season in some beautification . Be Safe !

"Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.”

                                                                              - Kevyn Aucoin quote-

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