Friday, June 30, 2017

Pop Trash Beauties Summer 2017 Bucket List

Ive heard some folks mention a summer bucket list. So I've compiled one for myself! If I do two of these things I will be super excited. 

1. Go to the Ocean .
I live 35 minutes away no excuse. Its been 3 years since Ive been to the beach. 

2. Harry Potter 
Ive not read the series this summer , I thought it would be at least cook to get the first two knocked off. 

3. Quirky Day Trip 
Ive always wanted to pick one of those quirky bus day trips. Just check out something new Ive not experienced before. 

5. Live Music
Ive not gone all summer . Vans Warp Tour is coming through 

6. Instagram Bagel 
This is in the way of pop culture a internet dinosaur. Though I think that we need to investigate the internet bagel

7. Interview a Public Person for VLOG 
If you a public person email me at , would you like to do interview about stuff you have going on ?  * Crickets* 

8. Cute Dress 
I really want a cute summer dress 

9. Summer Night Outside Activity 
Concert , Movie in the Park , I love being out with folks on a blanket , snacks, drinks under stars just soaking in the summer 

10. Hike 
Go on hike get some exersize enjoy the beauty of out doors.