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When I was young adult going to College learning a large city like Boston was tough. I remember what a friend told me " You have to get lost on the T to learn the T "  I was very careful not to get lost but eventually I did. They were right I found my way home it was an achievement I held in high regard  Most people think Boston folks aren't friendly. I find they are nice and polite , friendly.  You can ask for directions really with no problem. I always felt safe even walking home from the train at night. I honestly didn't get a scary feelings coming home. Bad things did happen but you took them in stride went on living your life. We often thought nothing of going out on a restless evening to explore the city. There was always something new around the corner . I got comfortable I even acquired a serious Bostonian glare/. I adopted a coffee place eventually navigated the train on auto pilot. I thought that magical fee…

Julian Lennon " Someday " Single Release

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Julian Lennon is up to allot these days Photographer, Philanthropist , Musician, he is a hard working man this is for certain. His album Everything Changes is slated for it US release soon to fans delight. Lennon worked last summer in LA on two additional tracks to add to the ones on the previous European release. Working on on this release with Marti Fredrickson, Steven Tyler , Mark Spiro among other talented folks. Lennon took his fans on the Journey with him. Chronicling the long writing and recording sessions with his fans via his facebook page. As a music fan it was interesting to see the process from beginning to end. Lennon also mentioned a documentary that was made during that time last summer. ( Pop Trash Beauty will announce release dates on documentary when announced ) Today is an exciting day for Julian Lennon fans for they finally get to hear what his hard work has produced. On the eve of his 50th Birthday fans wi…