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Happy New Year : Random Life Post No Filter

I thought it would be fitting to random life post to bring in 2014. I hope you all find yourselves happy, healthy, loving and sassy. I've been thinking of things to write that you will dig. I'm very tired right now yet I couldn't go to bed with out saying hello to all of you. Pop Trash Beauty has been very very busy.

I have a long interesting post hot on the decks . Though I wanted to check in let you know I'm still here sassy as always. I really haven't been feeling my creative mojo lately. Its all very strange though I do feel it coming back. I think my creativity went on overload decided to take a vacation. I also have become addicted to instagram. I totally use filter on my photos . I know this is a big deal on Instagram because its almost like a challenge. I really don't get it cos you don't look that different in my opinion. If you meet me in real life you'd totally recognize me. So I'll try not to do the filter for a while. I just have fun w…