Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year : Random Life Post No Filter

I thought it would be fitting to random life post to bring in 2014. I hope you all find yourselves happy, healthy, loving and sassy. I've been thinking of things to write that you will dig. I'm very tired right now yet I couldn't go to bed with out saying hello to all of you. Pop Trash Beauty has been very very busy.
Yes I do wear this in public. Its now acceptable for adults to wear these ( I think it is but really don't care if it isn't) 

The search is over ladies come and get him. Available at CVS for 4.99

I have a long interesting post hot on the decks . Though I wanted to check in let you know I'm still here sassy as always. I really haven't been feeling my creative mojo lately. Its all very strange though I do feel it coming back. I think my creativity went on overload decided to take a vacation. I also have become addicted to instagram. I totally use filter on my photos . I know this is a big deal on Instagram because its almost like a challenge. I really don't get it cos you don't look that different in my opinion. If you meet me in real life you'd totally recognize me. So I'll try not to do the filter for a while. I just have fun with it to be honest. So I give you what you always wanted more pictures of ME!!  Please contain your excitement. I really need to get more of my friends to take pics for this blog. I agree there is way too much of me. These pictures are fresh off the ipod  no filter or enhancing just me. I didn't bust out the photo of me brushing my teeth which you all love so much ( Those of you who have been here since we started,  know the photo. I've used it quite a bit )  So now #NOFILTER by Tracey J !!!
NYC 2 years ago , early in the morning NO FILTER 

Camping NO FILTER 

I was interviewed for our local paper NO FILTER

EEK !  Don't run , I was trying to be ARTY NO FILTER

I think I made my point in a funny way allot of times I just use it to be arty. I pretty much just am who I am . A fun little human full of flaws also a big heart.

  I remember in film class in college . I asked my professor why movie actresses of old films looked so ( I am really going to use this word so get ready)  "glowy "  . He explained filters too us how Ingrid Bergman was filmed with a Vaseline lens

 "Gaussian Girl is shot through a soft-focus filter, a piece of translucent plastic or a quick smear of Vaseline, .... Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca." 

He went on to explain filters in photography for different effects. I filed this information away in my head until the advent of photography software. I honestly like playing with photos making them look arty and old its like painting kinda. You can tell I'm tired for the mere fact I keep repeating myself . Please be patient beauties I'm getting my groove back. I will be back with a proper blog post.