Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lifting Your Spirits with Lipstick

let's just face it we are at the point in the winter. Where let's admit most of us are as hairy as the abominable snowman. Perhaps your heels are catching on the carpet due to lack of a pedicure. Layers of clothes and weather dictated hair. I will admit my hair being naturally curly I haven't been able to flat iron it for weeks. My winter uniform is a hoodie , jeans , boots . I long for beautiful colors air on my skin . The bounce in my step that spring brings . Well ladies even in a recession a staple item that women wont part with is lipstick The spring fashion forecast is bright color lipsticks baby. Venture onto the wild side with neon hues. Perhaps go just a tad brighter than usual . I will say a pop of color will snap you our of the winter blues.  I normally don't conform to trend but this is one that I am getting behind with all my gusto !!