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Music Festival Survival Fashion Pt 1


When I'm at a show its like going to church ( as my cousin Tam so perfectly said ) So I will dance and sweat ,  scream at the top of my lungs ,cry , just make an ass out of myself all for the love of music. Duran Duran fan culture is a little different than the norm. Women go on tour diets , pick out outfits months in advance . Frankly the work pays off because all of my Duranie friends are stunning . I was taken a back by them. So with all those sweaty music festivals ahead . Here are some suggestions for some comfort .

Note: This post is a little different than our regular content. I wrote this after receiving some emails asking to address this topic. I wrote this in a humorous tone ,like as if talking to my gal pals .

Bikini's and Cut off shorts : If you have the bod , rock em out.

Tank Tops : Same as concert tees , pretty much a staple , versatile easy . best to go with a cotton version . no polyester or poly blends . Aiding and abetting boob sweat.  Which can produce a uncomfortable heat rash.

Cotton Sundress : Id go with a boho chic type of look. This dress is becoming a classic can be found in fabrics such as linen , muslin , cotton. Most of them have an empire waist, which is flattering on mostly everyone. They breath well and keep you cool. Vintage shops , Target and H&M have there own versions. A good place also is our favorite .

Shorts or Skorts : Seriously I did say skort cross between a skirt and a short. If you get the right cut it looks sexy. Gives you the mobility that some short skirts don't. Its all about the cut so keep that in mind. There is the risk of the "mom jean effect" so try on a must.

Under Garments

 Some of you will most likely be making a donation to your bands . " Fan Bra and Pantie Collection ". Before you donate just make sure everything breaths .Id say ditch the spanx if you can part with them. You'll thank me when a heat rash is avoided . In the event I should be moved by the spirit of rock n roll to fling my frilly things . I never throw the good stuff . Go to the dollar store or thrift shop and pick up a cheap set . They got some really crazy ones. Put them in your purse or pocket . Think Cotton !Cotton !Cotton !

( where do all the bra's go after ? )

Boob Sweat / Chafing  /Bum Sweat ( not so glam )

 This just happens no matter what size you are . To bring you a little relief here are some products that you can take with  Get the travel size so you can toss it . a simple application before you go ,can go a long way. It cools and sooths affected areas .Apply during when you get that inkling that something is brewing.  Always do a patch test prior to using any of these products. Make sure you wash hands with soap and water or wet nap after to ensure that product is off hands . Could cause eye irritation if not handled properly.

Gold Bond Cream :
Diaper Rash Cream:
Corn Starch is great for when you get home. It absorbs moisture .

Sunblock: SPF 30 or Higher

The Must Have Accessory

                                                                                                                              Photo : FunBox Comedy

The spirit of Rock n Roll can  be naughty . You have had a couple of very expensive draft beers. That love ballad that hits you in all the right places . Your a single grown women/man . The hottie across from you is giving you look . Let's get real festival shows always lead to random hookups. I think this is to remind some of us in the older set . Age sometimes makes you feel bullet proof . A couple of Condoms go a long way in ensuring you'll be around for the next show. If you don't use them pass them on. Its a great gift for any band as well.

 This is just some of the stuff I've picked up along the way , may seem very basic . No one ever tells you about bum sweat aren't you glad you have me . Part 2 is makeup & hair

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