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Music Festival Survival Fashion Pt 2 (makeup and hair )

Music festivals are like pizza ovens. I generally would say 86 the makeup. Some of you have been swooning over the people of note who attend these festivals . I must say I swooned too . Keep it in perspective . They have most likely access to some VIP oasis with air conditioning. Aren't faced with the " Lord of The Flies " type battles we have.Some I will say do tuff it out with the crowd . Don't think you have to look like them.  So if you have to wear makeup here is how . I'm also going to talk about the heat rash and chafing more in depth for you.

Body Prep : After you take your shower or bath . Slather your whole entire body with sunblock . Legs arms legs , back , shoulders . Wait for it to absorb .  Take gold bond medicated powder . Dust under your breasts where the most moisture with accumulate. Then if you have problems with  chaffing or are wearing a dress or skirt . Apply it to your inner thighs it is medicated and a little stinky. If the medicated aspect crushes all your dreams of being a supper vixen. Then use good old corn starch .it is odorless and will absorb he moisture. Diaper rash cream absorbs moisture also and is a less smelly option to gold bond cream. Remember Cotton undies breath the best . Trying a boy short is great for the chaffing . Cotton panties have come along way so it isn't just " Granny panties " . You go sexy cotton options ladies !

Washing your face .
Id wash your face with a oil control cleanser , skip toner and let your face dry. Apply facial primer and eye shadow primer to your face . Id say go native if you want to use a facial tint for color . Foundation is just going to be a royal pain in the butt . Try to avoid it if you cant mix it with sunblock to thin it out .

Eyes : No brainier here water proof mascara , eye liner , are the best . For eye shadow apply a neutral color then set it with powder .

Lips : get a lip liner a few hues darker then your natural lip. Bleed the lip ( color in full lip) then apply a lip balm over with SPF . Its less messy than gloss or lipstick . If you cant bear he though of no lipstick . Get a cosmetic pot from Sally Beauty . Slice a little in in the pot and apply with fingers . I have never seen a lipstick survive a music festival . Especially since we pay so much for them just take a little bit with .

Blush : Id advise a non cream based tint like bene tint . Your going to be in the sun all day . If your dark or olive complected skip the blush . I do being olive complected .

Hair : Long to Medium - Braids are all the rage . So do a french braid it keeps the hair out of your face and off your neck . No fuss way and it looks very sassy!

Hair - short - very short . For Bob length hair , Try a cotton head band that stretches or a cotton scarf .In some cases with a good french braider you could do a braid . Very short as in a pixie or buzz , you don't have to do a thing . Wash n wear so smart !

Scalp : If your going to do the braid make sure to put sunblock on your scalp. Sunburn there is just gross especially when it peels . You will look like the before picture for head and shoulders shampoo.

Body Glitter : I think is more of a winter , fall , cool spring time sport . Summer Id say put the glitter on hold .

So there you have it how to get through the Summer Music Fest . No mater what have fun , drink allot of water . Dance your ass off !

If you have any tips of your own leave them in the comments . We will add them to the post ! xoxo

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